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  1. Half of Staffordshire? I’d stay more like under a quarter of SOT most people hate us
  2. I would like a move tbh, despite vp being kind of old you are so far away from the pitch in some places it’s unbelievable
  3. They would just split it down the middle if needed
  4. Last few tickets? Have we sold over 19 thousand?
  5. Swindon currently beating Forest Green in their game in hand, if they see it out and win their last two games and the teams just below us win both of their games and we fail to pick up more than a point in our remaining games, we will drop out of the play offs, scary stuff….
  6. We just need to pray to god that they never get promoted again as the bastards have one of the richest owners in the UK, however I am employed by bet365 lol
  7. Stoke did the same, season ticket holders could get an extra ticket for 10 pounds a few weeks ago and pulled 26,500..
  8. https://twitter.com/stokecity/status/1488452240641769476?s=21 Apparently they are adding 7,500 seats, are they new ones or just replacing the old ones? Strange
  9. We were talking about sjoke 😂
  10. From photos it looks 20,000 odd tbf. Why do we care anyway?
  11. I doubt every site gets it wrong every week. They seem to get the vale attendance accurate. People forget they spent a decade in the prem so around 20k seems right
  12. I’d say that’s right to be fair, I mean they get an average over 20,000 in the league and they are playing pretty dire 😄
  13. Without being biased, that’s because Stoke city fc are the biggest club and easily have the largest fan base in Stoke-on-Trent.
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