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  1. Jesus wept biggest game of the season and were down to a 2nd team. Drink may be the answer.
  2. I'm eating humble pie tonight after last weeks comment Aaron Martin was massive tonight as were everybody.
  3. Were being bullied. Martin is back to his useless self.
  4. Joel Cooper playing is a big mistake IMO. This has 0-0 written all over it I think, but I hope I'm wrong and we score first. Come on Vale I've had a <ovf censored> day please change the mood of the day for me.
  5. Lets be honest Darrell would not have played Cooper. Amoo could have played that position and definitely better.
  6. I know we have to respect what's happened in Darell's family but I have to say I don't think we would have ended that game looking devoid of any system and a shambles if he'd have been in charge. We need his proactive management Andy Crosby is a coach not a number 2.
  7. Don't forget Connor Play Also Connor B Bothered we've had a lot of his relatives over the years.
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