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  1. He was a it part player last season and regularly used as a sub. He runs around like a headless chicken most of the time. Ok he's nippy and tricky but is a NL player at best.
  2. I wouldn't disagree too much with that predicton. I'd reckoned an ever so slightly better position than last season. Still too shy up top for me: however, a decent signing before the big kick off and maybe we could scrape the play offs?
  3. An Andy Porter would go down even better!
  4. Aren't they under a transfer embargo anyway??
  5. Oates was, for me, the best player in the NL last season. However, looking at his wider stats, last season seems like a one off; or is he on an upwards trajectory? Who knows? I wouldn't be disappointed to see him at VP that's for sure. Another player I'd love to see us take a punt on is Elliott Nevitt from Warrington Rylands: he's early twenties, a good build, but mobile, raw, and knows where the onion bag is. OK, he's was playing tier 6 (I think it was) last season but his performance in the FA Trophy final showed he could play higher - he was a handful and scored a well taken hat-trick. Players do make that jump and I know Vale, Crewe and Accrington have taken a look at him.
  6. I'd be surprised if Popey didn't end up at Stockport, or Chesterfield, or even Notts County. However, there were rumours a number of weeks ago, and I stress these are uncorroborated rumours, that Salford might take a punt on Popey on a one year ticket!!!
  7. Good days business so far today. Just hoping for a 20 goals a season player now and that's just about it!
  8. Am bemused by this signing to be honest. Am wondering whether DC sees him as one to develop? Having seen a fair bit of Hartlepool on TV last season he didn't impress me one iota: in fact few Hartlepool players did apart from Oates. In the games I saw, Johnson was ponderous, easily and often pulled out of position, and prone to clumsy cautionable challenges in key positions, due to his positioning! That said, welcome Ryan and I hope you have a great career at Vale.
  9. Personally, am somewhat in agreement with you on your 5; I would have sounded all 5 out to the possibility of a one year contract. However, given their ages / expected contribution going forward (i.e. experienced back up, with the exception of Brown who'd still probably start as my number 1), terms would be reduced. These players are head and shoulders above our back up players from last season, and it is those players [the back ups] that exposed our achilles heel last term: our first team was good enough if all could get on the pitch; however, when more than one was out for whatever reason we were woefully exposed. Looks like Monty was on his way anyway, so fair enough the 5 becomes 4. If any of the remaining 4 didn't fancy their new terms/role then fine, good luck for the future: we move on. Just one more comment: I thought Pope deserved more respect.
  10. Have to admit that I don't see the recruitment we've done so far as decent. Far from it, on paper anyway. Looking at the player stats it would appear the only matrix criteria has been to be above six foot tall. None of our signings have averaged over 20-30 games a season throughout their careers so far (the exact opposite DC said he was looking for). Everyone seems pleased with the James Wilson signing but he has consistently failed to live up to expectations so far: over his seven year senior career he's averaged 13 games a season with an average of 2.4 goals a season (yes, not a typo, 2.4). If the player who was once thought was in there is still in there then were really going to have to show him the love and hopefully he will finally come good. At the moment I think we are looking at a very transitional season at best unless better signings come along in the next couple of weeks, not the play-offs/promotion season many Vale fans are expecting. But as you all know Vale fans can be very impatient and DC's honeymoon period could quickly come to an end. Lets be honest, before the winning streak towards the end of last season, had supporters been in attendance they'd have been calling for his head (based on results, and forgetting the improved performances). Am hoping that DC knows something about these signings that their stats have obscured.
  11. Don't know what the clamour is for Johnson; bang average at best: ponderous and always giving away needless fouls due to poor positional play. As for Tshimango; a regular sub rather than starter in the games I've seen, but has some good moments: alas, they fewer and further between than Amoo's moments.
  12. To be fair, Wilson has never really even come close to fulfilling his potential. This is probably the last chance saloon for him; rather like it was for Pope when we signed him, and look how that turned out, so fingers crossed there! As for marquee, what is marquee for this level? For me, its someone perhaps from a L1 side with a decent pedigree who could have perhaps opted for higher, much like the Aspins, Glovers, Foyles and Mills' of yesteryear, someone that buys into the bigger picture. OK we were a bigger pull back then but these players were still of the standard of the league above back then and we thought out of our reach. A more recent example I would be Dave Worrall.
  13. Is it just me that's getting a little worried that the lack of signings over the last week or so means that most of our targets have opted for elsewhere or are waiting to see whether a better prospect than Vale come along? I don't buy into the 'well most players contracts run to the end of June so well know more then' idea: players sign pre-contract agreements - being contracted to one employer doesn't rule out looking for another job does it? Personally speaking, having looked at the stats of the incoming signings so far, all much of a muchness: big, in their mid-20s, and already journeymen who've been unable to hold down a regular place elsewhere and have managed on average about 25 games a season so far in their career, or, who have fallen way short of their potential. Exactly the sort of player that DC said he didn't want, e.g. the Montys and Mannys of this world. We need a handful of decent and marquee signings (for this league) for me yet, and some raw young potential if we're to stand any chance of a half decent season.
  14. I've seen Hartlepool 6 or 8 times on TV this season and to be honest Ryan Johnson hasn't really impressed me: so much so I had to look up who he was when these rumours started circulating. My opinion is that he's a bang average National League player - I've been wrong before though 😄 There are precious few NL players this season who I think can make the step up, but the one that impresses me most is Rhys Oates, also of Hartlepool, who has had a banging second half of the season. However, looking at the wider picture his stats really seems aren't that impressive over his entire career! Guess we'll just have to wait and see if any more signings materialise, and who they are; until then I'll just have to keep on stressing...
  15. As far as I am aware, nobody has so much as even hinted that there'll be any new signings this week to coincide with the kit launch. Am pretty certain that we're not going to hang around making any new signings till then as the more you hang about, the more likely someone is to come in with a more attractive offer. Any signing completed before then; well, the news would leak out on Instablab, Faceblab, or Twitblab. I fear we might just have a few long faces tomorrow.
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