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  1. As has been said many times, this wasn't the plan but rather to get the right players....some of the options didn't pan out .. we are competing against bigger clubs now for players.
  2. Or? stone Cass Smith Hall Woz Ojo Charsley Benning McDermott Garrity Proctor Pack the middle of the park!
  3. I've always wondered why trialists need to be anonymous in friendlies... Are we worried other teams will come in for them... And most likely they will be spotted from footage so why not just name them.
  4. I thought McDermott was a midfielder but on the Vale twitter feed they refered to him as a forward.
  5. Surprisingly in some ways.... He had the highest combination of goals and assists last year... But his disruptive history probably factors in.
  6. Derby just signed Korey Smith from Swansea - a 31yr old midfielder. The average age of their squad must be really high. Will be VERY interesting to see how throwing these players together will work out...
  7. You cursed it... Now 4 hours without a Dicky... Surely something should happen..we're still looking a little light up top
  8. Agreed. Not sure if we were even in for him but it certainly sounds like the possibility of working with JFH was an attraction. We still need someone else up front.
  9. Agreed, was just stating what happened rather than an opinion on what we are or not are doing this year. Like everyone, just excited in anticipation of who we will sign. It's like bluddy Christmas, feeling around the present trying to figure out what's inside.
  10. Just looking at the transfer announcements on the BBC from last year and by the 24th June we already had Covolan, Jones, Martin, Wilson, Garrity and Walker signed up (Stone, Pett and Benning joined in the last few days of June), so it was a lot more active... Although admittedly, the squad needed more work last year.
  11. Given that many contracts expire on 30th June, we're getting close to where the action will happen. Will be very surprised if we are sitting here this time next week without a signing.
  12. Tbh a few had a similar opinion of Proctor when he signed and look how that turned out. It's all about The Process.
  13. This Dom Telford news is really bizarre... I know money's the key here but it's not like he's at the end of his career needing a last payout. Does he really think Crawley are on the up? That's a real risk - especially as it will be really competitive (as others have mentioned) and as we have seen (Salford) money can't buy you promotion. Playing Walsall rather than Wednesday or Colchester rather than Charlton... Wow. I also held out a glimmer of hope that we would be in for him as I think that a Wilson/Telford partnership could have been great, but no tears shed, we move on.
  14. Even if he didn't I think personally that it was so obviously a comfortable keepers ball it didn't even need to be said. Which is why Stone apologised after. Lack of communication I think was to blame. Given how he fluffed the second easy claim though it's probably a good job he didn't come for it in retrospect! It was stone's area to manage.... down to inexperience.....
  15. Not really, we still need forwards to avoid what happened last season with out goal drought and with Telford it isn't 100% done until he signs for someone (tbh, I also don't think it will be us)
  16. Or Walsall... As they like the old uns apparently
  17. Dom Telford liked a post on Twitter regarding the state of the Plymouth pitch.... favourites for his signature? (btw not stalking him, just happened to check out his account right now). Didn't they have someone break in recently and turn it over with a tractor? Hell, transfer news is as scarce as water in the Sahara at the moment.
  18. When are the players back and due to start preseason training? I'm sure this will give us some indication of when the deals will start rolling in as I'm sure DC will want the maximum time to gel.
  19. Completely random here, but below is a list of games that the current team has played in League1 (I also included (C)hampionship and (P)remier league games as well). This is not scientific - just the numbers pulled from Wikipedia so doesn't distinguish between subs/full game stats (also, cup games not included). Could argue we need more experience in Midfield..... in goal, that's a given. Goal: Lucas Covalan 0 | Aiden Stone 0 Def: Lewis Cass 0 | Conor Hall 0 | Chris Hussey 91 (C 48) | Dan Jones 0 | Aaron Martin 106 (C 22) | Mal Benning 46 | James Gibbons 0 | Nathan Smith 0 Mid: Tom Conlon 1 | David Worrall 171 | Harry Charsley 0 (C 1) | Brad Walker 38 |Ben Garrity 0 |Tom Pett 2 | Alex Hurst 0 | Jake Taylor 0 Att: Jamie Proctor 220 (C 22) | James Wilson 0 (C 37 P 15) | Eden Bailey 0
  20. Sorry, off topic but Garner now at Charlton.... New opportunity to wind this idiot up.
  21. Wasn't he supposed to accept/reject his contract offer from Newport by yesterday?
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