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  1. We are starting to look like an actual football team. Great away performance! Soaked up a lot of pressure and took our chances when we got them. Legge man of the match for me, won absolutely everything thrown at him. Solid as a rock at the back. All credit to Clarke.
  2. Cracking goal! Fantastic ball from Robinson 👀
  3. Don't know why we are playing hoofball against the wind. Very lucky not to be behind so far
  4. Excellent first half, played some really good football. Second half we had to sustain a lot of pressure, conceded a poor goal but showed great character to dig in and score a scrappy goal and we still managed to hang on. All credit to the lads. Worrall was head and shoulders above anyone on the pitch tonight. What a player. Conlon, Monty and Legge stood out too. On a side note, Newport are an awful side. Absolutely horrible, on par with Stevenage. Fouling, rolling around, trying to trick the referee whilst also elbowing, grabbing and pushing our lads all over the pitch. Labadie isn't a footballer, he's a rugby player. Oh and Robinson is still rubbish. I'll sleep well tonight! UTV
  5. GET THE <ovf censored> <ovf censored> IN
  6. How the hell is labadie still on the pitch? Not even been booked for that rugby tackle off the ball
  7. Robinson really does offer nothing up top. He just ambles around the same spot. I'd like to see Cullen given a run out.
  8. Newport are f*cking horrible side. Going down every touch, rolling around, definitely a game plan to try and get a sending off.
  9. We still have to play six of the teams in that list in the next eleven games. We won't win again this season.
  10. We won't win another game this season. Has a manager ever had 0% win percentage?
  11. We are abysmal. Huff and puff but absolutely no quality at all.
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