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  1. Typical Vale fans looking at pessimism rather than giving the squad a chance. We've only played 4 league games ffs. Only the wind ups or seriously mentally challenged fail to accept that we have a massively better balanced and proficient squad now. Time will allow us to gel properly. Our players will get used to the systems and better themselves as the season progresses. Those fans ready to slit their wrists at this early stage honestly need to take a step back and calm down! I've endured season after season of heartache supporting my team and do realise that it's difficult to get out of ruts but with Carol et all in charge I am more than confident we will see success soon and the mighty whites will bring progress and satisfaction to us all. Support the Club please. Allow some reflection on what we are trying to do. Patience is paramount and it will reap it's awards. Be true Valiants. Keep the Faith.
  2. We had to get a ticket for someone who hadn't planned on coming when I asked for the seat next to us the bloke said just sit anywhere and printed off a random seat number That needs addressing. In Lorne street there are row after row of season tickets now and it is simply NOT good enough for people(non season ticket holders) to sit anywhere they like! What is the point of people buying season tickets for seats they desire every game when turnstile attendants give out instructions to "sit anywhere." Absolute joke Vale. Get this sorted. I'm also sure this must happen in the Railway too?
  3. Yes mate, 2 large new ones positioned higher up so all can see.👍
  4. Welcome Dennis. Our Club is on the up so hopefully you can resurrect your career and prove what the Bolton fans suggest, that you are a quality, scoring, aggressive player.
  5. We got to Lorne Street at 215pm and there was only 1 gate open with a queue of about 30 people in it. No programmes on sale inside and the pies had all been sold by half time. People were coming in and sitting anywhere until they were advised they were in season ticket holders seats. Does this mean when you purchase a ticket on the day it doesn't have a designated seat number? Or is it just laziness in some peolpe not looking at the obvious stickers on seats?
  6. Good point, especially as I hear Tommys is now way overpriced and unexciting for those regulars who congregated there pre match. If there is an alternative drinking place, close to the ground then surely more fans will use that facility. Also a place to meet up with friends and banter before kick off.
  7. We do have a strong squad now with various combinations that will keep opponents guessing. I'm very optimistic of a good showing in the league campaign. Also, wow! Darrell booming away all match gives us in Lorne Street entertainment! It's obvious now he has instilled a "never say die" attitude which Vale fans will love. UTV.
  8. Any chance Breadwinner you can sit in the dressing room pre kick off? Your infectious enthusiasm is to be applauded. I was like that 40 years ago.😁 I'm still mightily optimistic and wish there were more fans like you. At the very least you entertain us all on ovf. Keep the faith mate.
  9. Two evenly matched teams until goalie sent off. We were very lightweight on the left side and Northampton attacked Jones as they sussed out our weakness there. A proven goalscorer still is required if we are to seriously believe we can challenge for promotion but the base is there for us to gel into a very useful outfit. Disappointed but still hopeful.
  10. What we all know and have known for years is that we need a regular scoring forward. Ok Rodney is favourite but Clarke wants 2 front runners and those in our squad will not prove to be consistent scorers. Goals are needed to cement Vale's undoubted solid midfield squad. Today was frustrating. A draw would have been ok. Even with 10 players we we were not outplayed or out fought. The team will gel in time. I also echo what the majority have said in that Wozza has to play on the wing. We lost but I could not accept what some were mouthing off at the end in that they will not attend away games again and the manager is crap! It was the first match ffs. Back the Club, like Carol is and we will get it right. This division is wide open.
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