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  1. Blimey there is a lot of despondency here isn't there? I am as disappointed as anyone, but more about the nature of letting two points slip away than the performance. If I was being critical and going back to Askeys arrival when as for 3, 4 games the lads pressed everywhere, and his subsequent claim we would continue to do so this season, well only seen two games and that hasn't happened in either. Similarly to last season, is it because with Pope in the team, and on the assumption pressing has to start from the front, we haven't quite got the ingredients to do so? My other slight concern is that our whole style of play does it again leave us a bit, in fact, almost reliant on the skipper for goals. I thought Cullen, style wise, was going to replace Miller, and be that annoying,pressing poacher that we so badly need to support Pope, but unless he's injured or perhaps not quite fit it looks like he's going to spend more time watching than playing. Man of the match, jointly Gibbons and Legge
  2. Only got back from four months in NZ with family on Thursday so was absolutely knackered, but so looked forward to this especially as I hadn't seen a ball kicked since last season, and like many was quite pleased with what I saw. There was at least a plan, a clear intention of the way we are going to be playing this season. A lot of effort, aggression and closing down, and in this league that alone will win us points, and the first plus, especially with a new more organised manager at the helm, is that surely there will be no fears about having to endure a relegation battle this season. The only real concerns, Amoo apart who I thought looked excellent, was there was a fair bit of dejavu about the game, with both team selection, mobility up front, Manny going off injured (and yes IMO he definitely looks a bit too chunky) and annoyingly the goal we shipped - when will we ever learn to pick up players from set pieces? But great to be back, and great to see a really decent crowd, though I actually thought there were a good few more than the official figure.
  3. That makes it right then does it? I disagree. I am of the opinion that we have been playing one up front, by design or forced to by the different tactics used by the opposition for the last three matches and yesterday was no different to the first half against Northampton and certainly 90 minutes of the Crewe game, and I was simply trying to point out. Once again and only IMO, if we are to continue doing that Popey should most certainly be starting instead of Miller...no big deal is there? I am also of the opinion, that at least two possibly three players, one of them (along with their left back I think it was) was Hanno, should, could have easily been sent off yesterday as well, but that it doesn't make me right or wrong, just what my eyes tell me
  4. Safety is all that matters and considering where we were a couple of months ago little else matters, so am not moaning in the slightest. However without knowing why, we have definitely changed tactics these past few weeks. Prior to that we were pressing from the front, and offensively had a genuine front three. We were all then discussing how hard it would be for Pope to play in side where energy and fitness were prerequisites. However recently we haven't been doing that, and for the last 2,3 matches, that three has returned to a 'one' and Miller, like Popey before him, has had no-one anywhere near him, has received little support and certainly has had no chances created for him, and if the rest of the season is going to follow suit, the skipper is surely better suited to that role? Worryingly, esterday (coincidentally without Manny?) there was no creation full stop, which, on the assumption he is given or indeed wants the job, is the one area Askey has to surely resolve for next season, because even Pope was similarly starved of service when he came on. Did we deserve to win, no not really. In fact it was Exeter, especially in the first half, who did all the pressing, and as we were previously doing did so much higher up the pitch and in fairness looked a very decent team. The penalty looked beyond soft which didn't help, but one free kick apart, we never looked like getting anything from the game, and as for the second OMG, just stand back and applaud. Personally didn't think Howkins or Crooke covered themselves in glory, but tis surely nitpicking I guess as we're safe, and that's the first objective confirmed. Now we can only sit back and keep everything crossed that ownership, management confirmation and summer recruitment can all be equally and as positively confirmed
  5. I totally disagree. I am sure a lot of the time players think Popey is still playing as invariably the ball arrives at Miller either in the air, or at best chest high, and he is clearly going to struggle to win those kind of balls. He needs it to feet, and when that happens, I think his first touch is really decent. I also don't think he looks knackered either, like the duracell battery he just seems to keep on running! I also feel if he got the right service (which unlike Popey who needs it in the air) is on the floor, he would most certainly be a 20 goal a season striker. Watch him the next time he plays and see how many lateral runs he makes and more, not only where he makes them, but the defenders he drags with him when doing so which creates a lot of space for others. Thats not aimless, it's not unecessary it's a vital part of forward play, yet unfortunately for him, those runs very rarely get spotted, and that's the difference. Create chances and am convinced he will score plenty. I also strongly disagree with the criticism being aimed at young Conlon and have to ask, since when does a midfield player need to be six foot and 14 stone? I agree sometimes he lacks a bit of inconsistency, and could do with improving his forward passes, but again I think the lad is very tenacious, has a good first touch, covers a huge amount of ground, keeps possession well, and like all the squad at the moment, never gives up, something that has been the cornerstone of our recent improvement. I do wonder at times, what people want or expect from some of these players. Under the new boss Conlon has been automatic selection, and to me has totally justified the faith shown in him
  6. Really enjoyed that, what a difference in both attitude and application with everyone putting a great shift in, makes you question if we have signed half a dozen ringers, as they look so far removed from the squad he inherited it beggars belief. Could have been an absolute tanking and we could easily find that their keeper was MOM in tomorrows paper which speaks volumes. Some of the tackles out there made we really wince, but it's what wins matches...now to sell the club! Brilliant, even if Crewe were shocking!
  7. To me, we haven't really played 4-3-3 these last three matches, more 4-5-1 with Miller, similar to Pope in Aspin days, left to fight it out on it's own, which is why I think Pope will probably start and Miller on the bench. Am not sure why the change has occurred, as prior to these last three, we were definitely playing 4-3-3 with Hannant and Worall pressing much higher up the pitch than they are at the moment. They're still putting in huge shifts just not in the same areas? Either way, with confidence hopefully sky high, another three points are definitely within in our reach and safety slowly but surely draws ever nearer
  8. Brilliant achievement from any player, congratulations to the skipper
  9. Can't believe what I'm reading. I didn't think Miller or his touch looked hopeless at all, especially when one considers the ball was invariably arriving at him out of the sky. I also think, like last week, and like Popey has had to endure for much of this season he was far too isolated. When he wasn't, when we committed players forward we actually looked far more likely to score than FGR ever did, and for a team pushing for the play offs I was very disappointed with them, certainly, in the first half when they were very unadventurous, some would say negative with five six players camped out on there 18 yard box and felt even at half time, we looked like the team that would go on to win it, and were it not from a 'worldy' point blank save from their keeper, from Conlon I think it was we would have gone in at half time in front. As others have said though, a double substitution definitely changed things, without creating much to be honest, they became more offensive, pushed us further back prevented the midfield to push on, and then yes, I then do agree Miller was having to then battle for aerial balls against two giant defenders a ploy that was always going to fail. When that happened, we should have changed things, either by reverting to 4-4-2 or bringing on subs, or as you suggest taking Miller of. Overall though I thought it was another promising if hardly inspiring performance, and still significantly better than it was pre-Askey, so am not too cheesed off actually. I also echo the comments about young Crookes and perhaps now would be the time to reintroduce Gibbo and the energy he brings. All that said with Smurfs recent comments and threats, I rather feel we have a lot more serious problems to deal with than yesterdays 90 minutes
  10. Thats an outrageous thing to say about any of our players
  11. How is he a scapegoat? I don't think he's ever been dropped Emile, the only reason he's missing these games is because he got injured, who knows, he may come straight back in when fit. But many of the comments are not against Tom, but with the way he plays and clearly the way Askey wants his teams to play, are they compatible and would he have the energy and fitness levels to do want the front three are doing currently. Perhaps he will, but am sure we shall soon find out
  12. I think it's undeniable the reason Pope, and similarly Miller and Whitfield scored so few under Aspin were the tactics employed. So much so, I have questioned many times this season who would want to be a forward for PV during his tenure. All Pope could do is try and win headers and the latter two were both then expected to win the second ball, again coming out of the sky, against huge centre halves. It was never going to work and never did work. Personally, Pope will always be a PV hero and clearly has plenty of mileage in the tank and I dare say plenty of goals, however, playing devils advocate, he has looked unfit all season and being blunt even slower than is customary. If he was playing under Askey, am convinced he would score more goals as on the evidence he would get a better service, but it still means getting the ball to him in the air, where, certainly from the current squad he remains peerless. However if we are to continue with three players pressing high up the pitch it requires energy and it's an area in which Pope is lacking. I also think it's unfair to compare say Pope and Miller because as players they are polar opposites.I doubt if he played all season Miller would ever score a headed goal, but in fairness to the boy, I do believe he is the better finisher, he never gives defence's a minute rest, and draws fouls for fun whereas this season, and maybe out of frustration who knows, Tom continually gives them away. One gains possession one gives it away. Which would you choose? What I would like to know is when will Popey be back, I thought it was but a little tweak, and yet we have seen no sign of the skipper and unless I have missed it, no updates....anyone know?
  13. The problem is, Tom is not capable of doing what Miller, Worall and Hannant did collectively on Saturday. Pressing as a unit, as we did so superbly Saturday, means everyone has to be fit and everyone has to maintain the pace and commitment for 90 minutes, if they don't, if just one of those three slacken off the whole pressing intent and all the benefits received by doing so goes out of the window, and Tom at his age, even though still quite superb when balls are in the air, clearly, with his limited mobility and fitness can't do that.
  14. Didn't think about it yesterday, but on reflection, it was as suggested a game devoid of any 'moaning' which surely can only be good for team spirit
  15. What a brilliant afternoon, not just for the brilliant three points, the brilliant home win, and the brilliant performance but, and I cant believe I'm saying this for the brilliant entertainment!! I accept one summer does not a summer make, but have been saying all season that our scoring problems lie, not in finding a partner for Tom, but the way we play when he's leading the line. Without him that obviously had to change, and am convinced if Popey had played today we would have lost, because from the kick off and even though I thought everyone was heroic this afternoon, we won for two main reasons. No hoof ball, point number one, and more relevantly a front three who closed down and pressed at every given opportunity, did so higher up the pitch than we have ever done this season and to the extent that their back three looked like nervous wrecks. That can only happen if all three are simultaneously pressing, and the work rate they all put in today in doing so was exceptional and that can't happen with Tom in the side. Putting that aside,who else felt, like my son and I that when they missed the pen it could actually be our day? We have rightly bemoaned our lack of good fortune these past 6,7 games and who knows Browns penalty save (and what a cracking save it was)could turn out to be the catalyst that changes all that. I don't know what Askey has done to Worral, but he is unrecognisable from the player he was at the start of the season, and Manny, probably the biggest enigma in the squad also showed why we were all demanding the club tie him to a longer deal, as he was truly magnificent. I have also argued all season that Miller, for all his faults, and I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, is a great finisher. In considering his record scoring feats you can't not be, and more, like all our forwards, the only thing that has stopped him and others scoring regularly is the lack of chances we created by consistently hoofing it, not only that he probably covered as much ground today as Popey would do in two matches, and though he probably only started through Toms injury misfortune, therein surely lies the playing pattern for the rest of the season! This is clearly how Askey wants to play, and though many of us, myself included, took some convincing certainly after the first three games, win or lose, if we continue playing like that as a team, and put that kind of effort in, as a team, I can't believe there is a PV disciple that would ever criticise the team or the managment. What a really enjoyable day, one that could be so vital for our safety. The only downside is I now need to refresh my supply of Beta Blockers which took a right hammering in the second half Therein
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