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  1. does pope even want to be a coach? has he done his badges? that’s down to him. he may feel he has a year or so left in him so i’m sure he will look to play for a club who will give him game time. personally i think he’s done at Vale and fans are finding it hard to let go (which is understandable) he’s not the player he was but a league below he’d do well for a club and help them get back into the league and i’m sure conference clubs and conference north clubs will be looking at him. He’s not a 36 year old who looks after himself and looks agile and fit. that’s just not him. seeing him lately f
  2. a very good player when fit, these last 6 games has proved he’s back to where he needs to be, i really hope we haven’t let him go and he goes on to play a full season with Chesterfield when he could be doing that for us. i think he was mismanaged and rushed back a lot of the time and he just kept breaking down. he’s shown he can play run of games and has been vital in our 6 wins in a row. it’s now time for Taylor to finally step up and show us what he did last season, still think we need steel in the midfield for next season. because the three of joyce, conlon and Taylor look very lightweight
  3. do you think maybe through the season Legge has been mismanaged with the amount of games all crammed in and let’s not forget he had that seizure and he returned 3 days later to play in a league game all to try hep the team put. physically that would’ve been alot
  4. yesterday’s stats show that 15 shots yet only 3 on target is a major concern. we created a lot more yesterday and looked stronger in midfield and defence. we had opportunities (guthrie’s 1v1) being the biggest moment for us in the game. we’ve sorted the defensive side of things now it’s the attacking side. hopefully tuesday we build on from yesterday’s performance and shock salford. this is league 2. anything can happen. also i’d like to say, cambridge back4 weren’t the best i’ve seen in this division. they just have a good player in hoolahan and mullin who’s on flames and everyone workhorses
  5. Slate all you want but i don’t hear enough voices when watching on ifollow. smith isn’t the most vocal, crookes very quiet and so is mills and and monty, the one player who bosses our back line was legge and he can’t get a look in so why did we get a 19 year old academy player in jan? we should’ve signed an experienced cb if legge wasn’t aloud to play. personally i’d swap manny with joyce next game, manny seems a mor stronger and composed player than joycey. felt for guthrie having to fight against 2 big Defenders today and even when he did win his aerial battle he had a player in devante that
  6. i think everyone needs to realise we have an inexperienced chairwoman and this essentially is the first real controversial moment since her takeover. i personally think she’s listened to a lot of the negative fans on social media and bowed down and tried to please them. i think she had intentions in giving it to pugh til end of the season but the results and performances haven’t ben good enough and has decided to go get a manager this week. the squad is good enough it just needs someone to get them back believing that. smith, legge had a great partnership alongside gibbo and monty, there’s no
  7. reckon we’ll win this saturday, southend don’t seem to have a big target man and the last 2 games our back four have struggled with the 2 big units. they like to overplay aswell so hopefully the longer the game goes on that they haven’t scored we can get a bit of confidence back. let’s not concede early lads please!
  8. let’s go the same as saturday but maybe swap Devante with Hurst sitting out and start Guthrie. Hurst can come on late on and make an impact and get at a tired fullback
  9. heard he’s in talks with Oldham, not sure i’d wanna go there as a player with all the troubles they have with the owners but best of luck to him if this is true
  10. personally i’d go with Legge up against Adebayo. he did well against him at their place. Legge would also wanna avenge that bad 2nd half. Can’t see Brisley and Smith dominating Adebayo. Physically Legge is the stronger of the 3. i’m sure this rest and recuperation has given Legge something to think about. smith and legge still our strongest cb pairing in my eyes
  11. word is Rudgey is mates with Mckirdys grandad and plays golf with him, that is who wanted Harry at the club and the signing was taken out of Askey’s hands when at the time we also had Joel Grant on trial at the same time. Harry was offered a contract and Grant ended up at Swindon. also believe Grant has a wife who lives in the area so it would’ve been very ideal for him to join the club. He obviously got a better deal because he’s now playing in league 1
  12. i believe there’s a little bit of a shake up within the coaching department in the academy this year. David Worrall and Leon Legge will be coaching in the youth teams apparently. great news for our young crop of players to be working with such experienced players
  13. i think Amoo shows glimpses in games of what he can do. he sometimes lets fullbacks off the hook. he can be terrorising his defender one half but doesn’t have the killer instinct to really kill his defender off and lets him regain confidence and get back in to their game. in other words he’s too nice. we need 2 strikers a CM and LB and possible CB if smith leaves. we wait and see other retained lists to see who we can pick up
  14. Toure from Hartlepool looks half decent signing looking to play in higher league
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