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  1. word is Rudgey is mates with Mckirdys grandad and plays golf with him, that is who wanted Harry at the club and the signing was taken out of Askey’s hands when at the time we also had Joel Grant on trial at the same time. Harry was offered a contract and Grant ended up at Swindon. also believe Grant has a wife who lives in the area so it would’ve been very ideal for him to join the club. He obviously got a better deal because he’s now playing in league 1
  2. i believe there’s a little bit of a shake up within the coaching department in the academy this year. David Worrall and Leon Legge will be coaching in the youth teams apparently. great news for our young crop of players to be working with such experienced players
  3. i think Amoo shows glimpses in games of what he can do. he sometimes lets fullbacks off the hook. he can be terrorising his defender one half but doesn’t have the killer instinct to really kill his defender off and lets him regain confidence and get back in to their game. in other words he’s too nice. we need 2 strikers a CM and LB and possible CB if smith leaves. we wait and see other retained lists to see who we can pick up
  4. Toure from Hartlepool looks half decent signing looking to play in higher league
  5. i like Pope, he’s a Character etc but he’s not a starter! i think we should’ve signed a striker in Jan, Cullen if fit would suit up top, for his size he uses his body well and a lot better than bennett. has a good footballing brain just not fit enough. when we used the 433 system last season it seemed to work better with Ricky Miller who’s probably the same frame as Cullen. If Bennett has a bit of aggression he’d be a starter but he just seems a bit of a soft touch. i also think if Pope looked after himself off the pitch better he’d sill be a regular. you only have to look at the likes of Luke
  6. i’d take Mellis all day, not sure on Pearce, didn’t look great against us in the first game against us. Mellis we should definitely try get even if it’s a loan
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