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  1. if you were Gibbo what would you do? he’s been fantastic on the left and now its as tough he’s an easy option to just take out as he’s young but i’m sorry he’s been one of our best players and if i was a player i’d be fuming and as for contract i don’t think i’d sign unless i was sure about my position and status within the club. Gibbo could easily go league one and to be honest i’d probably run the contract down and start somewherelse to play first team football. obviously i’d love to see him in a white shirt but signing hussey and having wozza on the right where do you put him unless you change the system again
  2. poor result today, but seriously we haven’t looked right for a while. when was the last time we clicked and played well and dominated a game? we look so off the cuff at times and disjointed. i’m a little bit worried about Conlon, it’s as though the armband gives him the right to play every game but to be honest i don’t really see many leadership quality’s in him. it’s like last season has gone to his head and he ha stopped doing what made him have a good season in the first place and that was getting stuck in making tackles, being competitive and nasty but now he struts about and doesn’t look interested in big games. wearing an armband shouldn’t make you undroppable. if we are to sign another midfielder i’d make it an experience one who can control that midfield and get us back to being competitive in the engine room because right now we don’t look great in the middle
  3. i don’t believe there is a younger version of his type? you can’t find that type of player from an academy. closest you’ll get is fresh out of non league and to give them a try. hopefully the club is keeping watch in non league for some gems
  4. hearing news from inside the club that James Gibbons has rejected a new contract and could well leave the vale. i really hope not as i don’t think you find that type of player with his energy and passion. he could easily go higher but why not with us? hopefully the club sort this out and give him what he deserves
  5. last night was a case of them wanting it more and that includes the fans. they wanted to get one over on a man that left them for us. they bought a lot of following and sang there heads off last night and if our home fans could create that at home i think it would be a harder place to come to. i’m a young supporter and feel our support can be very fickle at times. we get on the players backs as soon as the sign of a bad game comes along. if you’d asked me for 5th in the 1st 3rd of the season id take it! we do deserve to have more points but football does have its way of knocking you right back down at times. let’s hope this isn’t a start of a bad patch, DC gets into the lads today’s and come saturday whatever changes that has been made and formation is put out we need to back these lads from start to finish and really get at our opponents.
  6. why get mad at an observation, said i was happy with the form but right now we are a team who fails to deal with crosses into the box and soon teams will see the goals we conceded are exactly that so they could change their game plan to crosses etc we are lucky that no team has seen this trend of goals conceded. look at rochdale, sutton (biggest observation). nothing much has changed since then sort from us scoring more. yesterday big man comes on and struggled to deal with him and he scores. if that ain’t obvious then what is. i’m happy where we are i’m just stating that every team has a weakness and this is ours
  7. we are starting to see a pattern from the types of goals we are conceding lately. Big man cross in the box and our current 3 can’t deal with it. if we get that right then we will have a lot more points. teams will see this trend and start doing what Sutton did and just fling it in because they know our current 3 are weak at attacking the ball. can’t complain right now where we are in the league but i do hope we sort this defensive frailty out
  8. a little birdie overheard Aaron Martin and Legge talking down the gym last week with a certain Josh Gordon, looks as though it could be good news for both players. AM should be back for this weekend and Legge looked to have the brace off and targets a return in 2/3 weeks. better than December i suppose. here’s to us climbing this league
  9. Proving to be a very big player for us! 6 goals already and if we can get him to 15+ then i think he’s a great signing. he does a lot of the ugly work and links up well with players. always involved. my only worry is if he picked up a niggle that we haven’t got a striker of the same mould on the bench that can hold the ball up like him and be that focal point. Also would like to mention that i’m starting to really like Wilson. maybe he’s a confidence player that just needs a arm around him and to realise that although he’s a striker he shouldn’t just be judged on goals. we really do look a better team than last season for sure
  10. fair enough. as long as we are on the same page.
  11. i don’t even think it’s that type of defender we need. it’s more the leadership qualities that legge shows. Smith plays better along side legge and you can hear them both when he’s in the side. today when was quiet i swear you couldn’t hear the defenders talking to each other whereas most times when smith and legge playing they are screaming for 90 minutes. our back line did get bullied today and we didn’t have an answer on how to stop him
  12. anyone heard anything from the club about the injury statuses of gibbons, taylor, legge and conlon? hopefully conlon is back for the weekend. i’m a little worried about the legge one as nothing has come out from the club. hopefully taylor can provide a bit of a goal threat from midfield too
  13. Peter Clarke i believe is 2 years older than Legge, i’m sure if Tranmere can manage a 38 year old then why can’t we manage ours? i’m sure if legge is managed better than the old regime then he’ll recover better for the weekends game. with Tranmere big striker i’d be tempted to go Legge for saturday
  14. my starting 11 for Tranmere Covolan Smith. Legge. Jones Worral. Walker. Pett. Benning Conlon Proctor. Rodney
  15. tell me what is wrong with what i have posted then? Rodders is like Bolt with a football but very rarely does he make smart runs in behind. if he threatens in that way then opposition drops back and opens space for our midfielders and if they don’t then his blistering pace becomes a massive problem for opposition for 90 mins and in this league defenders aren’t the quickest to be honest. hopefully our coaching team gets that in to him this season
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