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  1. Shocking Lincoln are taking the **** we are a mess he has to be sacked
  2. Lol shock horror when will you lot realise Aspin is **** and needs to be sacked the lads don't like him or buy in to him
  3. Nope not at all I knew Aspin would fail what's he done in football as a manager .... Answer is failed
  4. I shouted for John Askey he would have sorted it just look at Macc Town right now
  5. U lot crack me up so if u don't have 100 plus posts then u r a fake
  6. I won't say as that's not on but I swear on my son's life it's true.
  7. I know 100% Aspin has lost the dressing room I've spoken to 3 players tonight who all confirmed.
  8. Iron curtain are you popes dad
  9. Surely he offers than 20 B and H man Mr pope he is class and way ahead of that useless cart horse Anton has to start Saturday
  10. A bad pitch lies with speedy sorry but it just does he has a team of 4 full time all on salaries and it's just not good enough. If you looked at Macclesfield pitch who have 1 full time groundsman it is 10 times better. He does not water it in the summer so it's gone dry and in the winter it gets even worst
  11. Agreed Jacko..... Having said that I know clubs with no money and no tools and no team of 4 full time ground staff but the pitch is better.
  12. They tell me just as heavy and it is causing injuries through being so heavy
  13. What do the ground staff actually do I was told by 5 players the pitch is that bad they can't pass, run, or simply play any football on it. I know speedy has been here years but the pitch is a disgrace.
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