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  1. Evening all, thought I'd just pop back In here for nosey after I recently did a couple of posts regarding harratt. So how are you all expecting DC to approach L1? Any decent names coming In rumoured around? Will he keep It low key keeping the majority of the promotion squad together with the huge togetherness and spirit no doubt? I personally think Is the best approach at L2 to L1 level as the bottom half of L1 is still pretty poor and most decent size clubs like yourselves going up from L2 should have no problem with any of them and hold your own with many of the top half teams. Either way should definitely be an exciting season ahead for you with some big clubs in there for some cracking match day atmospheres. Good luck you deserved a season of cheer as like us they have been in short supply over the recent years, and hopefully we can join you in there for 23/24 season.
  2. Hi all, totally agree with many on here it seems an odd decision on face value to turn down a crack at L1 and go back to L2, but in all honesty I think a huge pull for young players nowadays is being close to home with friends and family, Huddersfield probably clearly know they own a potential talent and will have no plans to releasing him anytime soon despite only 1 year left of his contract. At just 19yrs of age they are probably in no rush to thrust him upon L1 and potentially risk him not been quite ready and stalling his progress by not playing, he has plenty of time on his side to make that step up. So with that in mind it makes perfect sense for them to send him to us for a season as the next learning curve in his career right on their doorstep to keep an eye on.
  3. Evening all, so is this lad any good? And what sort of player is he? After our season was totally of the rails early doors thanks to Dull Derek Adams my toys were well and truly out the pram so witnessed very little L2 last season, and surely he has to be better to have on the bench than Theo, Delfounso and Tom Elliott all washed up awful journey men who luckily all have gone.
  4. Just think guys n gals for a quick crazy thought for a laugh your only another bad season from Stoke away from being in with a shot at leap frogging them 🤣
  5. Congratulations great performance thoroughly deserved, good luck in L1. It should be an exciting season for you guys as L1 seems to get stronger each season as big Champ teams drop in and don't find it as easy as they think. It will be strange from a Bradford City fan view not having yous next season as recent history always seemed to have us joined at the hip 😁 I think you have got out of this L2 hell hole at just the right time as next season I think will be very tough with lots of teams being competitive, I think Mark Hughes will finally get our house in order and get us at the right end, the play off losers will all be strong, Stockport and possibly Grimsby coming up will both be solid, Crewe apart those coming down will be strong and horrible Salford I think will get it together at last and to add to that a few of this seasons failures should definitely improve like Orient and Tranmere. Good luck and all the best and hopefully see you in L1 soon
  6. Evening all, looking forward to a good competitive game tomorrow. Our season is totally finished for this season but enabling Hughes to have a good look at the drivel Derek Adams assembled ahead of next season. One of the few positives is i think 13 are out of contract end of season plus 6 loans to send back so a good time for him to assemble his own squad, anyhow back to the game I recon a tight 1-0 in our favour Cooke with the goal. For those travelling up have a safe journey and enjoy the day out but hopefully not too much 😀
  7. We are regularly gash correct, but our team reads out that we shouldn't be. At last we finally have got a few of the insane injury list returning to at least give us a few players worthy of L2 on the bench. Eisa is finally fit for Saturday but for how long is anyones guess, he's not played a single minute in the League for us as yet, injury prone Angol also back which is good as he looked very impressive early season, Andy Cook injured is a huge blow obviously. Difficult prediction this one, form wise there's only one winner without doubt, but on paper team wise we have a team that should be more than good enough for this level and should be capable of beating most L2 sides, but we certainly haven't shown this so far, we could whinge about our crazy injuries already this season but all teams get them so it's a case of shut up and get on with it. My prediction/guess is we will somehow win this 2-0
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