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  1. I can't believe how much space we are giving them, I'm sorry but we are really poor, asked has got to go
  2. Really poor from vale, some of the defending is like watching school boys
  3. Defence still needs sorting, I think for their third goal both legge and milks went fir the same ball leaving the man out wide who the ball fell to and he put it across goal for their player to volley in. I still think Rodney us not up to it.
  4. Second Half was much much better but we still cant put the ball in the net. I know people say that Rodney isnt the finished article yet, but he missed 3 or 4 relatively easy chances and yesterdayhe made the wrong decisions of quite a few occasions when other players were better placed. Im sorry i think leon has been a great player for the last couple of years but recently he looks past it, gets caught by pace and is often so tight to his man out wide when he gets turned they are away on goal.
  5. Referee was a joke, both penalties dubious and how he missed the foul on pope for there goal is beyond me.
  6. Yes apparently this morning Hunt has left hospital “groggy” but otherwise not seriously harmed.
  7. Good result and some nicely worked goals. Another £10000 in the bank. Lets hope we can make some real progress in this cup and bring some much needed money into the club to support Carol and Kevin.
  8. Particularly in the first half Joyce gave the ball away far too often
  9. 2 quality headers from Pope, should have got his hatrick though
  10. I heard he got booked but it didnt show it on ifollow, he pulled back his man near the touchline
  11. These are the sort of games we used to lose, lets hope the tide has changed.
  12. Why is it all we hear is a rise in cases, its not true, the rise is in postive tests which is something else, especially as they are not accurate.
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