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  1. Thought we were much better in the second half yesterday. Guthrie looked quite useful when he came on winning a few headers. Rodney took his goal well but he does give the ball away cheaply sometimes. Conlon was the stand out player for me, looks like making him captain has spurred him on a bit. God knows what Brown was doing with the free kick that ended up hitting the crossbar, can only assume that it held up in the wind.
  2. Welcome and Good Luck Kurtis. All we ask is hard work and commitment and you wont go wrong, oh and if you could find the onion bag a few times 🙂
  3. The last few games the opposition always seem to be able to get the ball out to their wide men in acres of space
  4. Its not about the competition, its about having a go and putting some effort in, even if it just for professional pride
  5. This is like watching a comedy except I'm not laughing
  6. No change at half time for vale. Same <ovf censored> second half then
  7. Non of them.look committed to me half challenges, not chasing the ball
  8. Great News....Welcome Jake.
  9. We look so vulnerable at the back, we need another couple of goals i fear
  10. Thought Rodney should have had a penalty just before
  11. I can't believe how much space we are giving them, I'm sorry but we are really poor, asked has got to go
  12. Really poor from vale, some of the defending is like watching school boys
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