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  1. Great news that we have secured Andy Crosby, onwards and upwards. UTV
  2. Sending you all the best Barry. Look after yourself.
  3. My wife died from Covid in February. She had no underlying health issues and was a healthy 56 year old. She never wore a mask throughout and didnt even get covid when i contracted it in April last year. If she was still here today she would still maintain that masks dont work and the impact on our social liberties was far too extreme. I still dont believe that the powers that be fully understand how it is transmitted and the scientists certainly cant explain why some people are more affected by it than others even if openly they look the same.
  4. Is Conlon the Burslem Beckham then ? [emoji1]
  5. Well done lads, rode our luck a bit, but deserved that win UTV
  6. Robinson again too slow to get across to the man who slud the ball in
  7. We need get Robinson off, put through there and hasn't got a clue what to do
  8. Good shout on Joyce maybe worth subbing him for Taylor and drop many into that space
  9. That was never a free kick Rodney was too slow to react
  10. Why want Robinson bring the ball down, insists on heading it on to nobody
  11. We didnt create anything against Bolton. Half hit shots that are blocked within a yard are not chances. Our forwards always seem to make the wrong choices in front of goal, whether its shooting when the better option is a square ball to a free man or taking it on when a first time shot is the better option. The forwards are totally devoid of confidence and getting that back is a hard task.
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