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  1. My wife died from Covid in February. She had no underlying health issues and was a healthy 56 year old. She never wore a mask throughout and didnt even get covid when i contracted it in April last year. If she was still here today she would still maintain that masks dont work and the impact on our social liberties was far too extreme. I still dont believe that the powers that be fully understand how it is transmitted and the scientists certainly cant explain why some people are more affected by it than others even if openly they look the same.

  2. 11 hours ago, Nofinikea said:

    I can tell you from personal experience they are not.  The only time you will get in is if the patient is expected to die imminently.

    You are correct. I unfortunately lost my wife a couple of weeks ago to covid, she was in hospital for 2 weeks and i was only allowed to visit during her final hours and it was horrendous, having to wear all that PPE and not able to kiss her goodbye. From feeling unwell coronvirus took her in 2 weeks. Even after this i still think the lockdown measures and the impact on mental health was far to execessive. My wife was one of the unlucky few who fall to this virus but it wont stop me living my life.

  3. I dont see the point of curfews as people just mix outside of the stated times anyway. Living in Gtr Manchester im fed up and cant understand what has changed since Monday to now move us to Tier3 within 3 days. They really havent got a clue

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