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  1. Brown has to make his mark on this team tonight so I expect to see a completely different set up to Bruno's because if he starts tonight with 4231 or even the same 11 that started last match the fans will be on his back straight away thinking it's same old so I hope we see a completely new approach.
  2. Anyway back on topic again now that Smith is gone who is Brown's number 2? Glover?
  3. As an atheist I stand by my right to state my views however I will never personally abuse anyone (unlike I have recieved on this topic already) because I respect everyone's personal beliefs
  4. It's an open forum so Houston is entitled his opinion also I think your being a little harsh agree with him or not..
  5. And they don't like us even more lol. Thing with Smith is it was a job too far above his ability (cud say same about Bruno) but he looked to have passion so at least he had a go.
  6. Didn't mind Smith too much apart from his total lack of football knowledge and him being irish good luck fella been obvious you've been punching above your weight in professional football.
  7. Too early for Smith and wouldn't help putting the extra responsibility on him plus he ain't the vocal type. No stand out candidates for me but Brown sees them day in day out so I'd trust him make the right choice.
  8. Daft question I suppose but Andy Smith has gone too hasn't he??
  9. This could be the making of some of these players getting down to basics and not confusing them with zonal marking. Bruno going should give everyone around the club a lift so it's time to get behind Browny and the boys, I'd love him grab his chance with both hands and get the players wanting to give everything for him. First job for him is pick a permanent captain.
  10. Brown deserves his chance in the the short term, he does have bits and bobs to work with in that team but I hope the players rally round him and now feel free to enjoy their football cus I'm sure they didn't under Bruno. Brown should bring Purkiss in from the cold and decide who is the best man to be our captain because I don't think this multiple captain thing works at all.
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