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    You don't half spout some scallops. Behave yourself.
  2. Rip him all you want on here and he's had plenty for no reason whatsoever. Cicilia turned that game on a sixpence.
  3. I think it is a obvious that we all have differential views of what Nathan is worth. But I'm positively certain that we all have the same view regarding his current contract. It needs extending ASAP.
  4. Behave yourself. Best of the back four today by a country mile.
  5. Away membership scheme. One strike and you're out policy. At least a few dozen would have been removed from it alone yesterday.
  6. barry


    Yes, at Sheffield Wednesday.
  7. So what you're saying is, it's impossible to sign a crock? How do we end up with them then?
  8. I'll have a pre-match pint where you drink. You sound a right barrel full laughs! Oh, don't forget change your knickers before you leave. They are in a bit of a twist.
  9. Bore off. I honestly believe had we got thumped yesterday you would have felt rather pleased with yourself.
  10. Nobody disappointed in a decent opening performance. Grant, Knops, Smith and Streete were the standouts. More positives than negatives going into Tuesday. I'd start with the same eleven.
  11. I could count the amount of aimless punts upfield on one hand in ninety minutes today. Last season I would have needed a calculator for ten minutes of any game. Much better and will only improve as the lads all adapt. I'm very optimistic.
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