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  1. Anyway, how are you all getting on, 189 days after the initial lock-down started? Everyone still happy jumping to the tune of a government, in aid of this bizarre international stats game to see who is best at suppressing a minor, but uncontrollable chest infection? Ready for a Christmas where you will need to break the law to spend time with your family? I'm genuinely interested to see what people make of it all. Are people going through the motions, wearing a mask so not to risk being the recipient of a £100 fine, or whether you think that action will actually help society, the economy and the ability for people to survive this period of pandemonium?
  2. It's not 50 showing up at Hanley Town though is it? Trust me, there hasn't been a game this season where there hasn't been over the 300 official attendance with plenty of groups of lads well over the rule of 6 threshold . Not that I care, good for them for making the most of what is an absolutely ridiculous ongoing farse that most who read this message seem more than willing to allow to continue until a vaccine is developed, whenever that might be. You can't tell me that 4,000 in VP across 20,000 seats is more "risky" than 400 crowded in at Hanley with plastic cups full of booze from the bar and a "Covid Marshall" who rightly doesn't give a monkeys.
  3. ...but it's perfectly okay to throw the 99.5% of survivors under the same bus? Most who have died are already on a cocktail of drugs that are keeping them artificially alive. They've had a good run. The publicly funded NHS (our tax money) have gone above and beyond in keeping them breathing well beyond what nature intended in a period of extended social stability (in terms of war and disease). This Covid period could have been shrugged off as one of those acts of nature that we have not got the ability to control, with work done to mitigate future (probably more serious) outbreaks as the outcome. Instead our press, the government and latterly the general public have lost all sense of reality and caused far more harm than good to a greater proportion of society for a more sustained amount of time. Those pensioners financially unaffected by this will continue to support prolonged lock down, selfishly inflicting more misery on the economically active. For me, those who continue to support the closure of the economy and unnatural, inhumane social distancing guidelines are the selfish ones.
  4. Again, this post is an example of the way that society has been brainwashed into completely disproportionate fear over this virus. "run these places safely?" This virus is not a product of the pub. The virus does not spontaneously appear when we don't follow the arbitrary rules created by self serving scientists and politicians, rules influenced by a petrified general public that they themselves created. The virus isn't closing down the economy, our freedoms and our right to see family members, the government is based on their own arbitrary parameters. Do people on here actually agree on the whole with these draconian measures? Boris stated very early on that "Every Covid related death is a tragedy". Much that has come afterwards is a direct result of this quite frankly childish mantra. People are aware that mortality is guaranteed as part of the package of life aren't they? If you deem death as tragic (especially the death of very old people) then you're in for a pretty miserable time as you yourself march ever closer to the inevitable end.
  5. You don't have any sick relatives or friends? I don't get your point. I have some elderly relatives (80s) but they've not asked for the economy to be shut down on their behalf. You may have noticed that the waiting list for NHS treatment is several million. Having an ailment and catching Covid does not result in guaranteed death. Unfortunately mis-information has resulted in millions of people unnecessarily shielding, exasperating their conditions going into the winter as a direct result of isolation caused by scaremongering. Can you tell me the survival rate of those who have been diagnosed with Covid in Carehomes? Considering 30% of care home residents die within 12 months of entering the care home system the stats might surprise you.
  6. So what? Schools are safe because it is clear as day that this virus is safe to circulate around children. Does it really matter if there is an "outbreak" in a school? No, but then again most people who read this post have been crippled with fear over the past 6 months so won't have a proper perception of risk anymore. Will their parents end up in hospital? No. Will they make their grandparents sick? Very unlikely unless they're on deaths door already. People need to stop focusing on the egotistical politicians and the self serving press and start thinking for themselves.
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