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  1. Anyone defending Norman now is a lost cause.
  2. hes going back out on loan. Aspin is hopeful of getting a striker in in January. We know that wont happen or it will be someone **** like quigley.
  3. He has caused damage to this club that may not be reversible. If it can be reversed it will take a very long time. He is scum, he is a disease, he is poison. He doesn't care though. I don't know what his end game is, but its only going one way. Not sure how he wins but he must be thinking he can.
  4. We will be at the level he is comfortable at next season.
  5. To be fair Aspin's record in non-league isnt that bad. May as well keep him.
  6. We have major problems. I can see us going down. This window will be awful, and we dont have enough quality. Even if we did, Aspin would play them out of position. Until Smurf has gone, we're ******! its as simple as that. Unfortunately, its also obvious that we arent going to have any chance with Aspin around. Ideally both **** off. If Smurf isn't going anywhere we may as well stick with Aspin, because we wont get anyone better whilst hes paying the bills.
  7. No one is around to buy it because his selling price is considerably higher than what it actually should be. If he didnt want to be here anymore because it was uncomfortable for him, the price would come down and there would be more parties interested in taking it off him.
  8. He isnt going to go of his own accord. It needs action. Action that makes him actually uncomfortable.
  9. starve him out, black and gold until its sold etc wont work. We need direct action. Find out where he lives. take a couple of coach loads and cause ******* havoc. Intimidate him when hes at vale, intimidate him when hes at home. Make it really uncomfortable for the fat ******* parasite.
  10. Agreed. Be lej if we stay up. Keep flirting with relegation until pope retires, don't bother replacing his goals, go down. My prediction for the next few years.
  11. Very good point and a cracker from Manny. Well done Vale.
  12. The thread is about the January transfer window. A lot of it hinges on exactly what Norman will or wont do.
  13. Not sure why the thread on popes Twitter debacle has been closed. He's made a complete **** of himself. Essentially called fans ******* and told them to eat ****. We also shouldnt expect to beat Oldham or Macclesfield and this is just a bad spell. 9 in 46 a bad spell. **** OFF.
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