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  1. The sporting covenant was something that made me uncomfertable at the time for the very reasom if we evee decided to do this we can't sell it for say a housing development supermarket etc.

    I know when we went Morecambe the publican who owned the pub by the old ground said that the land it was on couldn't be sold for redevelopment because it had to be used for sporting events. Its now a supermarket he said they got around it by building a 5 a side pitch at the bottom of the car park.
  2. Think we appeared live on TV earlier that season when we beat Fulham away 6-0 but only from an aerial camera view of the Oxford - Cambridge boat race as they went past Fulham’s ground during the game 
    Yes live on BBC TV on a Saturday with a 3pm kick off. How things have changed!
  3. RaceYour mob tried every trick to sway a poor ref. If you concentrated on playing football instead of cheap tricks you may have got a draw. 
    you were the same as a lot of sides in this division, long ball. 
    we played you off the park. 
    Look at the table kid still behind us
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  4. I’ve done the stadium tour at the Bernabau and it is hugely impressive. No with a fear of heights should attempt the top tier!
    I've sat in the top tier to watch Real Madrid play Real Betis. Great view fantastic stadium inside and out. Even got heaters in the roof which I haven't seen in any other stadium.
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