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  1. I can't say well done and thank you enough to Carol and the team. It looks amazing - fit for above league one dare I say!
  2. Brilliant. Thank you to everybody for their hard work at the club!
  3. Beyond the initial 5/6 thousand regulars, is a pi####g contest to see who's got the most plastic day trippers. Whether we take 15 k or 25k it will be back to 5k when next season starts. Who cares what about opinions of rival teams on the socials, I've had a great week since Thursday, and if we lose on Saturday, I've enjoyed the ride. If we win however il be buzzing all summer. With all the work Carol and Kevin have done to bring more children to the club, it would be great if that 5k you quote could become 6k or 7k consistently over the next couple of years. I don't think we'll consistently get more than that, but surely 7k is achievable, especially with our current owners.
  4. She said: "We had to be escorted onto the pitch to get to safety. I saw two children who couldn't have been more than 10 being treated for head injuries, one was hit by a bottle and the other hit in the eye by something, all because of the action of more than a minority of Port Vale fans," she said. In that case then, more than a minority of Swindon fans are also to blame. Another mum, Rachel Case, was there with her 12-year-old son and described the scary moment he was almost hit by a flare before those around her told her to get him out. This person thought the situation was scary, but she had to wait for people around her to tell her to get her son out. Is she responsible enough to be a parent? If it was dangerous, you'd be straight out, but she couldn't make that decision by herself. Hilarious. She said: "Vale supporters were throwing anything they could get their hands on at the Swindon supporters, very scary for all the small children in the crowd, and it was totally unprovoked." Like plastic seats? Hypocrites. Somebody write that Jason a bump note and call his family to let them know we are keeping an eye on him. Poor little lamb. Finally , I am not surprised to see junior autism's parents being so vocal online. Anything for attention. Every time I looked up at the mascots pre-match his dad had his phone in his hand recording something. They must really enjoy getting internet 'likes' more than spending quality time with their son. Has he ever seen you without a phone in your hand? Put it away and actually enjoy your moments together.
  5. Managed to get a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) off-peak from Stoke to London Euston for just over £120. Looking to arrive just before 9 and considering taking a hop on/off sight seeing tour around the centre before returning to Euston underground in plenty of time to get to the ground.
  6. It's remarkable that we have got ourselves in such a good position with the number of injuries we have suffered recently and throughout the season. It's testament to the hard work of the players and staff, on and off the pitch. Hopefully we can get a few more bodies back for the run-in and not lose any more.
  7. We had a party of 6 going. It's now down to 2. Thanks Sky. This will include asking the club for refunds, but I'm sure 70k will cover it.
  8. To the tune of Old Macdonald: Oh Port Vale have a winger e i e i o, And on the wing they have a Dave e i e i o With Amoo moo here and Amoo moo there, here Amoo, there Amoo, everywhere Amoo moo Oh Port Vale have a winger e i e i o Nathan Smith will get into your head, into your head, he will. To the tune of The Darkness - I believe in a thing called love: Can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel We're super Vale and Darrell's at the steering wheel!
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