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    Silly anonymous wind up accounts are not Sting's kind of thing but it's a good one ISO, a lot of Port Valers have been reeled in.
  2. You are nothing but a fraud ISO, however, love beats all. Embrace the love with Sting. Sting respects Mr Smurthwaite, it is great to see a man enjoying so much sex, it is how life should be, pump pump. Sex is power. Love. Peace. Keep having sex.
  3. Sting is no expert but suspects there is a strong case to be made for you being prescribed some medication. God speed. Peace and love.
  4. Only a fool would doubt Sting on this matter. 35,000 of the Queen's finest is not what was offered this time, it is what Mr Askey was expecting, Sting knows. The offer made by Mr Smurthwaite was below this and the wage demand would not be met. Choose to doubt Sting if you wish Port Valers, that's your choice. God speed.
  5. Sting notices a number of Port Valers on the internet claiming that Mr Smurthwaite is "thick" and "a *****". Sting would like to point out that this does not appear to be the case at all. If what Port Valers are claiming is true, it seems that Mr Smurthwaite has similar interests to Sting, looking to make money and having a great deal of sex. William of Ockham: "It is futile to do with more what can be done with fewer". This, ISO, does not apply to sex and Mr Smurthwaite looks to be of the same opinion. Sting praises Mr Smurthwaite for his commitment to sex and money, it is not the behaviour of a "thick" or "moronic" man. Peace and prosperity. And sex.
  6. Due a mishap at Sting HQ the latest update was deleted. Here it is again Port Valers. Sting can confirm that deal to bring in Mr Askey is now dead. The salary initially offered by Mr Smurthwaite was 28,000 of the Queen's finest English pounds per annum plus a bonus for promotion to League One but Mr Askey has not accepted. As for what Mr Smurthwaite's next move will be, Sting has no idea at this stage. Sting does not believe Mr Smurthwaite to be a fool, sex is indeed marvellous. You're up to date Port Valers. Love is faith.
  7. Listen to Sting, you are miles off. Keep high.
  8. You can trust Sting on this one, that was a scam. Stay strong, health is key.
  9. Sting's sources indicate that the deal to bring Mr Askey to the club is virtually dead. This will 100% not be happening unless Mr Smurthwaie increases the salary on offer above 30,000 of the Queen's finest English pounds per annum. Sting understands that Mr Askey would be willing to accept the job on the salary that was discussed with him previously but that this now appears to have reduced, with only small bonuses for promotion to League One. There you have it Port Valers. Sting has no idea whether Mr Smurthwaite is now pursuing other targets or not. Keep your heads held high and enjoy the gift of life. God speed.
  10. What Sting believes has happened here is that Mr Askey was under the impression that he'd be offered 35,000 of the Queen's finest pounds to take the job, the same as he was offered last time. Sting understands that Mr Smurthwaite is offering below 30,000. It is also Sting's understanding that the deal is not yet dead. God speed and stay humble.
  11. It is Sting, not 'the sting'. Sting will accept this as an innocent mistake this time. Stay lucky.
  12. A wise man sir so you are ISO. If anyone wants to know what Sting has heard then here goes Port Valers. Mr Askey is requesting 35,000 of our Queen's finest pounds per annum and this is above what Mr Smurthwaite was hoping to pay this time. Sting is just passing on this news to you all. The deal is not dead but Sting understands there is some negotiation still to do. God speed.
  13. We need nothing more now that Sting is here. It is a totally different world out there now though ISO. Still, some nice crackers and a good pair of slippers really does help Sting to escape the madness, if only for the night.
  14. You've never been in the White House. Sting has. Sting is indeed ace.
  15. Be careful what you say, you never know who might be watching. Just so you know, Sting is always watching.
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