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  1. Good evening to you from chez Sting. You may recall that, a few weeks ago, Sting informed all Port Valers that this situation was being closely monitored. Sadly the time for action is now here ISO. Port Valers can be assured that Sting will now be taking action. Stay strong Port Valers, change will be coming. Sit back, have a smoke if you like, and wait for Sting to succeed. Sting will prevail. Keep moving on with love in your heart.
  2. Sting is sure that this reminder was in John's mind on Saturday, it was probably also relayed to the troops and had an impact on performance and therefore result ISO. The point still stands, Sting is still watching, all Port Valers can be assured of this. Treasure life each day.
  3. Sting wonders if you need to make a few changes in life to help you to catch and reel in the great old fish of happiness. If you would like to talk about how you can achieve this Sting would be happy to talk. You deserve good luck ISO. Live long and set your spirit free.
  4. If John is reading this then Sting would like to let him know that the situation at the moment is being closely monitored. That is all Sting will say on this subject at the moment but Port Valers can certainly be assured that Sting is here and watching closely. Every single day, and every word you say, every game you play, every night you stay, Sting is watching you.
  5. It would be helpful if you could make your mind up about Sting. It would of course be pleasing if you have come to the conclusion that Sting is a fine gent, a correct opinion too ISO, the offer of a smoke would remain on the table. Peace is Sting's gift.
  6. Sting is his own man and a free spirit. There are no links between Sting and the Bounty Hunter character of whom you speak, likewise with Jeff although he seems to be a grand individual with a solid name. This accusation was brought to the attention of Sting by an outraged loyal supporter and it would be welcome if you could withdraw your comment, the right thing to do ISO. If you would like to continue to converse with Sting then we need a change of attitude. As offered to another human that calls itself Jacko earlier today the offer of a smoke with Sting is open should you wish to
  7. Sting detects the attempt at humour, but that is ok. If you ever change the way you think about Sting, we may be able to sit and have a smoke together. Sting will leave the thought out there, until this time it is goodbye.
  8. You must know that Sting is a free spirit and this will never change. Sting will never answer to them. Love rules all.
  9. It seems clear to Sting that conversing with yourself is likely a waste of time. Sting wishes you well. Peace forever.
  10. Sting won't let this go unchallenged and would ask that you please refrain from bad mouthing a gent who seems like a mighty fine chap and a fellow Port Valer. This can slide for now ISO. Consider this a warning but march on with your head held high and embrace life's challenges like Sting. Respect and love.
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