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  1. I hope this play doesn't have a similar denouement, Jean.
  2. I've always said that, if you wanted to very steadily and very gradually run PVFC into the ground, if you were on a mid to long term mission to turn Stoke-on-Trent into a one football club city, whilst employing the odd 'shield' (Garlick, Aspin, Rudge) along the way to deflect attention, then you couldn't be doing a better job of it than Vale's current owner. This naturally begs the question: why?
  3. For me, it's no longer about whether we stay up or not (I'm amazed we stayed up last year). It's about whether or not there's still going to be a Port Vale. The club is being ground into the dust.
  4. The usual 'poor me' 'you're damaging the club' 'it's not my fault' deflectionist drivel Smurthwaite resorts to every now and then, when things start to get a bit hot. We have no manager, no ground (owned, that is), no saleable assets on the pitch - and the way we're going, we'll shortly have no league status either. He is killing the club. Right in front of our eyes. But, instead, some people find a former Vale stalwart to blame for not resigning in the last nano second of the transfer window. I mean, really?
  5. I get that, Matt. But what's done is done. Isn't the most important thing here what happens now?
  6. The contrarians strike again. If it's so competitive, why are we seeking salvation by plumbing the very depths of the Spanish leagues?
  7. Interesting read. Not a bad summing up of several years of unremitting misery. http://thetwounfortunates.com/the-two-unfortunates-health-checks-port-vale/
  8. But we're in lots of debt anyway. We've gone from completely debt free to millions owed in directors' loans in just a few years, without the need for any of County's spending.
  9. Agree completely. This whole thread feels like an exercise in deflection and avoidance of the real issue.
  10. Looks like we got relegated imo.
  11. Epic Fails certainly seems to be a recurring theme.
  12. Good work? I won't ever boo Aspin, but good work? Really?
  13. I don't care if he's the Mother Theresa. His rambling drivel shows a complete lack of understanding and appreciation - but he probably knows that.
  14. And without him, we're utterly toothless.
  15. I thought it was fairly well documented that there is a rigid (and by rigid, pretty sure that means 'low') pay structure in place? They won't be playing for a 'pittance', but please don't make out Vale are paying attractive wages. Even Aspo, a model of diplomacy, has cracked several jokes in interviews about players not coming here for the money. All this claptrap about competitive budgets. We signed a mix of 30+ year olds at the very tail end of their career (Brown, Legge, Joyce, etc), picked up players who had been released (Conlon, Whitfield, etc), players who we said we didn't want at first but then ended up signing anyway (Dodds), players who are chancers from non league, players from the Welsh league and players who came with a whole heap of baggage from a club that couldn't wait to get shot. There's a bigger picture here. The club is slowly being ground into the dust.
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