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  1. Mr Carter

    Tiger Woods

    There is no argument, Woods is not fit to lace Jack Nicklaus' boots both on and off the course.
  2. Thats a very good point .........Why wasnt Jennings recalled? managers call or owners call
  3. Perhaps ask the question who authorised the tannoy announcement without telling you there was a problem until after the game.
  4. Has Jordan Slew returned to Blackburn ? Not for one minute am I advocating his return just wondered where he was.
  5. Different set of circumstances ......
  6. Its got nothing to do with Pope taking a long look at himself its about respect from one pro to another.
  7. Do you mean the trip to Cornwall that never gets mentioned
  8. Just browsing the Crewe Alex mad site and found this exchange that took place on Twitter last night between George Ray and Popey....... George Ray - Just went to get my phone out of my pocket and pulled you out by accident #bitter #2-1 Tom Pope - bitter? From you? You've done nothing! Gave away a pen and worst defence in the league! #congrats GR - Thanks for the congrats, have a nice night big ****! (whale image) TP - Never abuse an opponent cuz it might come back bite ya! You got a lot learn! A big mouth and bottom of the league! #night GR - Haha night Popey lad! #banter TP - it ain't banter! I don't know you! You're bottom of the league and think u can laugh at me. Crewe fans must be proud This is after Tom showed class by saying if he scored he would'nt celebrate because of his respect for what Crewe did for him. Shows how much it means to Crewe.well done Tom....
  9. What has he said that isn't true ? Will he resign...No, Has Smurf got the cash to get rid ....No
  10. Lets get this straight Smurf cannot afford to sack Adams, I know folk will say he cant afford not to, but he will have to put how much in to get rid... 130K ? In my opinion Smurfs biggest mistake was giving Adams all summer to give him a contract, he should have shook hands and said goodbye.
  11. All of which should be worked on during training sessions..................Depressingly it seems to be overlooked.
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