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  1. Agree with many of the comments here, The Hamil should become a home end for both the Swindon game (if possible) and next season. The live screening yesterday was brilliant, atmosphere superb, why give away teams this advantage?
  2. Not my first game but the first I remember was the Vale vs Villa cup game in February 1960. Stood on the wall at the back of Bycars with my dad in front of me with over 49,000 others.
  3. Am I right in thinking that the Burslem Festival is on the Monday? Roads closed and if we were to win automatic promotion chaos.
  4. Bulls Head, only pub in Burslem that welcomes all fans. Great choice of real ales, sells oatcakes and burgers and only 5/10 mins walk from the ground. However lots of other good real ale pubs in the town centre.
  5. Just to let people know, if travelling to the game by train (via Derby), there is industrial action on the 3rd & 4th causing a reduced timetable.
  6. A great topic. The first game I actually remember is the 5th round match against Villa in 1960. Standing on the wall at the back of the Bycars, so I could see, not being able to move with 49K in the ground, I had been many games before but have no recollection of them. Taken by my grandad who lived in Norris Road, just past the quarry at the back of Bycars. Always remember meeting him as he piled out of the Goose (I think) 10 minutes before kickoff. Been hooked ever since.
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