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  1. Briefly speaking to Norman on Friday he said the club made £400,000 profit last year of which £200,000 was the payments made to the club as 'Exclusivity payments' After a discussion about his Directors loans he also said he would wipe them from the accounts/balance sheet and convert them to 'equity' i,m sure the Accountant people on here would know what that means! The next installment of the Hugil transfer money is due this coming December (£600k)and would be put into this years playing budget now didn't ask if he was putting it in this summer or it would be available for next Jans transfer window He is looking forward to Aspins plans this summer and re-iterated that the budget would be total walk-ups this season plus the season ticket money for next season He also told me who the 'backstabber' was but not to say publicly! Don't shoot the messenger and take everything Iv'e said how you want
  2. Worrall looked injured when he came off and was still limping collecting his MOM in the big room after!
  3. Some though won't be able to control themselves I fear!!
  4. Jeremy Kyle is hosting along with 'Big Steve' as security!!
  5. Wonder what the future holds for Knell Knopps? Thought he had a decent first season at Full back could be a good backup to a proper Left Back then there's Adam Yates??
  6. I haven't got a 'hatred' as you put it for OVF! I was just pointing out the fact that imagine the moaning and groaning that would have gone on in 1954 had we had OVF!! Its not like we didn't know we would be playing Crewe away since June!!
  7. good job we didn't have OVF in 1954!!!
  8. You're another one Hagrid who thinks everything you say is gospel and riducules everybody else's point of view! He's not my 'mate' as you put it and agree its time for him to go i'm just playing devils advocate on the difficult job any owner of any football club has to do!! If it was easy then we'd all be top of the league but thats impossible all I seek to do is cut the guy some slack and understand running a football club with all its parameters is not easy!!
  9. And pray tell me oh great one where did I say that?.....you keeping a diary!!
  10. For just holding a different opinion than the 'sheep' ridicule is all they come up with! Just my opinion like just saying!!
  11. I seem to remember thats exactly what he did end of last season he apologised on the radio to lee blakeman in an interview, stepped back from the club as fans wanted him to, gave the reigns to Garlick and Fradley, paid off all the players Brown didn't want, gave Brown money to invest in new players in the summer which he wasted on '****' When it didn't work out in Oct sacked Brown (who he didn't appoint it was Garlick) Installed Aspin and Rudge on the advice of Micky Adams backed by nearly 100% of Vale Fans who congratulated him to finally start making amends Further backed Aspin in January by paying off players that Aspin didn't want and bringing 8 new players!! these are Aspin's players he's signed Not Normans so a little time to bed in is needed So to say he isn't trying to make amends for the mistakes he's made isn't true and yes I also think its time he put the club up for sale because no matter what he does its still not going to be enough to satisfy the 'Mob'culture I told him two years ago to sell up when he told me he'd been (alledgedly) attacked on the car park and said then he was on a hiding to nothing staying and why would he put himself through all this **** His answer was that he didn't want to fail and wanted to see through what he wanted for the club and its supporters!! Personally, if it was me i'd have sold it and quietly gone off to Portugal because as iv'e said many times some fans will never be happy who runs the club FACT!!!
  12. Seems like some fans don't know what they want! one minute they want him to stay off twitter now they are screaming for him to 'engage' and start more *** for tat arguments!! Make your mind up people!!
  13. Which is fine when the club is doing well!! lets see what happens when you struggle!! You Have to admire everything about Accrington a very small club in the football league but they seem to do no wrong and over achieve nearly every season Take a look at all the struggling clubs like ourselves and go on their messageboards the fans are just as toxic and all demand change Not everyone can be top of the league which makes our game so great if it was easy we still all couldn't do it!!
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