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  1. Where is for us all aswell I was only sticking up for him at the start of all this he has left me to it
  2. It’s not just about illegals either I’m lead to believe we are told by the EU how many immagrants we are to have well we used to
  3. Why didn’t the politicians vote hers in then if it was better
  4. Go listen to Nigel farage for the past god knows how many years mate
  5. U tell me why now we have left the EU we can’t control our borders more
  6. I’ve just read that link from the bbc It’s based on estimates and Theresa mays deal so basically mate it needs putting in the bin
  7. I don’t believe a word the bbc say suppose none of us really know including the politicians unless we or u can see in the future time will tell though and I’m confident in our great country
  8. U seriously need me explain that To control the numbers that are flooding in to this country me personally and this will happen I hope that no benefits paid soon as they arrive if there qualified and will benefit us then sound get them in The people I follow and get my information off have been saying for years that it’s not like that in the EU they tell us how many we are having per year these people get very limited time on normal tv some get nothing at all so I spend a lot of time on the internet reading we will be sound mate and get stronger as time goes on up the vale
  9. Quick google search says it’s fake news about rees-mogg moved a business to Dublin I can’t see how he can be right behind brexit but then think his business will suffer in Britain so there prob is some <ovf censored> behind it I ain’t a politician mate I voted for brexit so we can gain some control over our life’s for the future and that certainly has now happened
  10. Where in there does it say it’s down to brexit It says the time gap between the opening and closure of the 2 factories will mean that the job losses at Ford won’t take up them at the new one for us all ain’t got explain anything us brexiters know what’s it’s about and overtime our future will be better fot the upcoming generations unless China get what they want that’s the next battle ahead
  11. If sir Nigel farage says it’s not perfect but it’s over it’s over for me we will go from strength to strength well done king boris on what was a really tough thing to do and sir kier u just carry on what your doing 😂 I ain’t heard one person say a good thing about him as last thing this country needs is labour getting power
  12. Wow boredom got me to have a read through last few pages of this thread there is some cocks on here see u later and stay safe
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