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  1. sunny boslem


    Illegal immigrants
  2. sunny boslem


    Wow boredom got me to have a read through last few pages of this thread there is some cocks on here see u later and stay safe
  3. My lovely lady at home don’t earn that for 40 hours a week work no wonder Brexit won the vote we need control our borders properly
  4. It don’t help when we are paying 2k a month to the mother of the last terrorist attacker while she had gone back to live in Libya
  5. Someone get on Twitter or Facebook and give these knobs a bollocking for this reason Facebook and twitter have long gone out of my life
  6. Anyone know why he is barred from the Sneyd arms
  7. Looking back prob not a good decision to play the same team as Saturday 2nd half we deserved a point in my eyes there were no better but the damage was already done
  8. I’m not quite sure how vale can mock man city’s support at home and make out that stoke don’t care bout us but then talk more about our game than there’s The majority hate us
  9. Get him signed Guaranteed profit in the future I also think after seeing him at Mansfield that burgess could become a little gem
  10. There were 3 or 4 right at the back behind the goal constantly on his back and I bet he could hear it braindead knobs
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