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  1. Can someone please explain why videos on you tube are <ovf censored> but every other media outlet that suits remain is true??
  2. This is not racism so please don’t take the easy option and ban me This is what we were told would stop once we voted brexit it obviously ain’t happening don’t blame the voters blame our soft touch government The majority of us are concerned for the future of our kids not the <ovf censored> small increase in chocolate biscuits or the threat of no Christmas pudding
  3. I’ve already got a nice bet on at 20/1 πŸ‘16s still to win the league is a great bet E/W top 3 pays 4/1 still
  4. That’s more down to fans thinking they know more than the manager on players and positions
  5. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again he will end up a vale legend Enjoy your night mate πŸ‘
  6. Great to see the clapping for our manager at the end aswell πŸ‘
  7. Easy win Great goals Get pissed move onto next week πŸ‘
  8. Not sure if anyone has seen this but a good watch fair play vale πŸ‘
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