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  1. Yeah well done with trying not make this thread about u pair 👍
  2. Seriously? Thst don’t look good the virus will be worse at Xmas
  3. Looks like the slow process by the owners on appointing a new manager when leaving Pugh in charge has really paid off in what looks like getting the right man in next season could be good fair play
  4. That’s one thing u can’t knock them for 👍
  5. I’ve got the black one and I love it proper smart in my local pub with my best jeans and trainers on
  6. I would like to think that carol could fit pope in at the vale somewhere if not a first team coach maybe with the kids from where pope started his career he could be good and give some good advice and let’s be honest he is a better footballer than he gets credit for
  7. Another good manager interview love how he simply changes tactics
  8. Look at Clarke congratulating the players at the end they defo like him
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