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  1. We didn’t have that many the following week I’ll be very surprised if we sell the full 8000 i ain’t got a season ticket but I already have a Man City ticket it ain’t hard really to get one someone one here would prob get a non season ticket holder one if they asked
  2. We got 8000 tickets stop worrying have we got 8000 fans every fan who wants go will get a ticket
  3. How long as he been out? Got be nearly fit
  4. Askey will end up a legend at the club
  5. Online Bully’s that’s all they are need learn some respect for people they would not say boo to there face
  6. To be fair lads stoke have had glory hunters joining them while they were in the premier league every club would most have gone now but some are still there along with the hardcore if they go down which is a possibility if they get the next manager wrong be interesting see how many are there next season
  7. I think they have a bit more class than that
  8. How do u listen to the podcast?
  9. Just out of interest How many strikers in league 2 have a 1 in 3 strike record?
  10. And smurf was in the chatterley whitfield pub today
  11. Miller is labouring for a couple a brickys
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