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  1. Nice top I’ll buy it cause I’ll be proud to wear it
  2. There are some really sad negative posters on here and toyah is one of them Up the vale
  3. 😂 4 promotions already 9 game winning run in his first season with us Tell us a good manager u like?
  4. Tom pope has done well in life and just come out of contract so if he wants to spend the summer in the pub then fair play to him
  5. I was there with the junior valiants 👍
  6. We have never been a well run club as we are now in any of our lifetimes mate
  7. Great site rob to catch up on signing and general chat about vale shame about the brexit thread that’s full of loose cannons 🏃‍♂️
  8. Mate life is short to be consistently unhappy get back home the sun is shining and bring some of them dunkers with u
  9. One thing is for certain DC knows a lot more than u
  10. Just leave the page mate it’s embarrassing
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