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  1. All public building to have the Union Jack flying on there premises 👍 Remainers like this post if u agree please
  2. That’s a big fine <ovf censored> that mate I honestly don’t get why u guys are so bothered bout staying in there nothing much will change either way once it all settles down
  3. It still works get yourself over there and eat some croissants
  4. Your correct if the governments had been more strict on the borders we would still of been in the EU but yet again u remainers love to put us down and act like your better
  5. Not interested in how the are proving to be what we already knew thanks to sir farage
  6. It’s spelt Sunny to u 22p to £1.20 is the best investment so far not bad in 4 months 😂👍
  7. I’ve already told u how can we take that serious with all this going on
  8. That is ridiculous anyone would think we have moved to Mars
  9. Initial sales will be down especially if the EU are being childish about everything nothing much will change once the world gets back to normal and u know it If the next few years are the same then we might start to admit it was a mistake but not before we have give it chance and during all this mayhem in the world
  10. We are going through a massive world wide pandemic which involves half the world is shut so how can we take anything like your stats serious
  11. The reports I’m getting are promising but we ain’t going to beable prove anything for a good while Then I come on here and then it’s like the world has ended God save the queen
  12. We can’t take that seriously it even says stockpiling and COVID are factors
  13. Have u dragged a post up from 18 months ago there? or am I lost in time somewhere
  14. There is only one brexit leader mate and that’s this bloke
  15. Exactly that’s all they had to do if they wanted to remain just talk about tightening our borders up and that would of swayed the vote in your way or possibly they could not do anything on the borders without EU permission
  16. Remain would of won if they had tightened the borders up before the vote it was that simple
  17. Having a bit of grief I see this morning the EU leaders by there own press for falsely claiming our vaccine was dangerous
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