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  1. Donaldson will go to a championship club, I've heard Forest have had a look at him.
  2. No honestly but the smell of tobacco and bovril are some of my early memories of attending games.
  3. Thanks TSOTP, what a great name by the way, it evokes early memories for me.
  4. Perhaps more sessions are in order then.
  5. For the cuddly wuddly thread, I'd been on a bit of an impromptu session.
  6. This whole thing is getting blown out of proportion, we've had black players for years, the only players who get abuse are the crap ones black or white.
  7. I just can't see it, if there's any possibility of Gannon going there in the summer Gaz would be on his way out before he's played a game.
  8. I saw a div from vale attack a car from Stockport which had a family in, then another Stockport fan came over and punched him and floored him, then about 10 vale gave the Stockport lad a kicking. When I got back to Stoke station, Stockport were everywhere and I got picked out, I thought I was about to come unstuck but a couple of them came to my rescue saying there was no point picking on stragglers, I admit I nearly shat myself.
  9. I live in Stockers and it takes me an hour to drive to Vale Park, sometimes more depending on the traffic, they're talking about Crewe as the big one as it's a direct train with no messing about, I know they've sold around 600 tickets for that game so far. I don't think they're in the partying spirit, their club's ****ed, they've been the worst team in the country for nearly 3 years now, their support's held up well considering but I'd expect no more than 450 of them on Saturday, I know a fair few of them and I like them and they always have a good word to say about The Vale, they're passionate about their club but they're pretty down hearted right now.
  10. I think there could be trouble on saturday, there's plenty of unrest and if Stockport manage to get a result I think that might be too much to take for some people.
  11. Lozza this might sound wierd but that cartoon's given me the horn.
  12. It will be a very comfortable win, no need for stirring battle cries and "lets give it all we've got speeches" They are a very very poor side, the likes of which are rarely seen in the pro game.
  13. Lets stop talking about this bad bit of our history, he's gone and we move on.
  14. He's worked on a shoestring for ages, the bloke is a real talent and we could go a long way together.
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