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  1. Just look at the midfield at Mansfield. All three cannot tackle, cannot defend and cannot attack. Why then is it a surprise that the back four are under pressure? And, similarly, why is it a surprise that there are no telling balls going to the front three?
  2. We have a management team of great experience. So why do they seem unable to judge the best way to see a game out? We were being battered for 30 minutes. Why not bring on an extra centre half for the last 5 minutes plus added time. I don't think we would have conceded the third goal if we had done just that.
  3. For our style of play against that type of opposition, Rodney looked far more dangerous than Cullen when playing up front. I agree that our passing was poor all game, with Wozza the main culprit today. Manny had a really strong game. Just hope he keeps fit.
  4. Thought they looked great in it today.
  5. I found watching the match and listening to the commentary very revealing. It revealed just how little of the action is actually commented on. Both Phils seemed quite happy to chat amongst themselves ignoring the listeners desire to know exactly what was happening on the pitch. Just my opinion, of course.
  6. I think that I read somewhere that if you pay the £10 for an away match through the Port Vale site (not the home team's site), then the money for the first 500 goes to the Vale. Otherwise, it goes to the home club.
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