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  1. Sorry to disagree, Playa, but Bennett changed the game. His movement allowed more space for Pope and, in my opinion, should start at home.
  2. Each home game I attend in the hope, rather than belief, that we will have seen the worst referees that the EFL can throw at us. Again, I walk away today seeing one of the most abysmal displays of officialdom that you could ever see. The EFL must surely act on this. However, it has proved to be a point gained today rather than two points lost.
  3. I certainly didn't see Pope go off in disgust tonight. He could have no complaints having been dominated again by the central defender. What did stand out was how much better we looked with Archer's pace up front. A very promising start. Kennedy fitted in very well with Smith, and Taylor looked very comfortable in midfield. Early days but things look positive.
  4. Just a request to the Praise and Grumble people. Will they put Carl on at 5:50pm every week then I can turn him off without missing too much of the programme.
  5. The negatives of the awful first half performance stood out so much that you can take positives from them. They showed that Evans is nowhere near the standard of Gibbons. They showed that a midfield of Joyce, Oyeleke and Conlan sit too deep and play too square, or even backwards. They showed that, sadly, Bennett is no Pope. John Askey had said that the three training sessions each day in Scotland had enabled him and his staff to work on tactics and formations. If that is true, the results were worrying. The second half changes made at half time at least gave us a team more prepared to go forward and cause a few problems for the Bury defence. But overall, I expected much better both tactically and performance wise from a team only seven days from the first league match.
  6. Have been in the shop this morning to get my ticket for the Burnley match. There were lots of boxes from Italy waiting to be opened. Must be a promising sign.
  7. An excellent mini documentary about the first three weeks. Seeing them work together as they are gives very positive vibes for the future. Well done to all.
  8. Anyone with any doubts should listen to that interview and all doubts will be dispelled. Absolutely brilliant.
  9. Yes. It's always about the money but should the takeover go through then there will be such a great feelgood factor about the club that I think players will buy in to. Hopefully players turning us down due to Smurf's reputation will not be a factor.
  10. Fantastic news. A brilliant start.
  11. We should be full of pride for the way our bunch of professional footballers (yes; they do make a living out of this) respect the opposition. On a day when conditions were so poor, they collectively decided not to risk embarrassing the Macclesfield goalkeeper by not having a shot at him. How thoughtful was that? And, yes, they still got paid!!!
  12. The Master. I was quite clear in my comment. It is the wrong tactic AT HOME.
  13. Yet again, Old Sage interprets a post to suit himself and his opinions, with, seemingly, no-one allowed an opinion of their own. Where did I say that I blamed Pope for the defeat? I was critical of the system and the way that the players attempted to put it into practice.
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