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  1. An excellent mini documentary about the first three weeks. Seeing them work together as they are gives very positive vibes for the future. Well done to all.
  2. Anyone with any doubts should listen to that interview and all doubts will be dispelled. Absolutely brilliant.
  3. Yes. It's always about the money but should the takeover go through then there will be such a great feelgood factor about the club that I think players will buy in to. Hopefully players turning us down due to Smurf's reputation will not be a factor.
  4. Fantastic news. A brilliant start.
  5. We should be full of pride for the way our bunch of professional footballers (yes; they do make a living out of this) respect the opposition. On a day when conditions were so poor, they collectively decided not to risk embarrassing the Macclesfield goalkeeper by not having a shot at him. How thoughtful was that? And, yes, they still got paid!!!
  6. The Master. I was quite clear in my comment. It is the wrong tactic AT HOME.
  7. Yet again, Old Sage interprets a post to suit himself and his opinions, with, seemingly, no-one allowed an opinion of their own. Where did I say that I blamed Pope for the defeat? I was critical of the system and the way that the players attempted to put it into practice.
  8. Jacko. I did not say that Popeball was the fault of Pope. But like most of the others, Pope didn't contribute much today.
  9. Our defence was well beaten by strong, quick forwards. But it is often said that teams defend from the front. That is the advantage of playing Miller at home. He chases down defenders giving them no easy ball out. Popey claims that we can still play the same system, style and pace with him leading the line. Plainly today showed again that it is a myth. Miller has to play at home. I thought we had seen the end of Popeball. Sadly I was disappointed.
  10. I think we are all getting edgy because, for once, the club are not breaking the promised silence. I hope that no news is good news as if there were problems I feel sure that one of the two parties would have broken the silence. So let us all be patient for a little longer. But wouldn't it make a really good Good Friday if we were to receive positive news on that day?
  11. We had 5600 home fans there today. Possibly for many it was their first visit for months, if not longer. I wonder what they thought of Vale's improvement?
  12. The wording of the statement from the Club indicating that Carol and Kevin are going through the legal process and EFL paperwork would imply that financial terms have been agreed. If so, that is most encouraging but I appreciate that Norman still had time to put a spanner in the works.
  13. In my opinion, those suggesting that the businesses currently using Vale Park should be dissuaded from renting the facility are too premature. When a new owner is in place, they will need to benefit from the income generated by these sitting tenants. They will have enough work to do in stabilising the club without having to spend time chasing new tenants.
  14. Well, we all have our opinion regarding the sense or nonsense of the original statement. But, I wonder, is it a coincidence that v Mansfield and Yeovil we have had referees appointed who have spent most of the season officiating in the Championship?
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