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  1. I reckon it could be turned into a fast food curry house We havnt got many of them in burslum Cobridge area
  2. Deluded dreamer pass everyone a glass of what u r drinking
  3. Let's see how long this thread goes before judging who are the biggest m o r o n a
  4. If u listened to the excuses for sats defeat the main one seems to be they put so much into the first half that they ran out of steam in the second half so fitness is a big issue How many of us cud tell our bosses that we are only doing half a week cus it's to hard to do a full one Still am sure aspo wont swallow that one for long I wud double there weekly training prog and confiscate Popes fags
  5. If aspo and his team look at footage of games lost to date it's not rocket science to conclude we avnt been playing with a keeper just young lads who aspire to be prof goalies and didn't smurf cash in on the only good one so he cud sit on the bench at rangers
  6. Good post and agree with most of it especially the "BRAZIL" bit having listened to vale fans on Pand Gwho described lowly Grimsby as a top side how deluded can u get ??
  7. So anyone who disagrees with a person like u who suffers from ***** itis dosent know what they r talking about !? Here's to three pionts on satday and smurfs lap of honour for all u dikheads to happy clapp
  8. Bill Bell Rip was ten times the owner than smurf will ever be at least bill was as it said on the tin and that's y rudge wAs able to work for him I fear JR AND ASPO will soon find out why VALE is now one step from the edge of oblivion lets hope they can work a miracle
  9. Bliddyy hell a sensible post on Ovf !! I must be suffering from an ofd on my medication or is it April first ??
  10. Can I suggest u retitle ya thread as ASPIN and rudge try to REPAIR VALE as opposed to rejoin and agreed we wish em both well on what is an immense mess they have to sort out and to use a much used term by smurf TIC TOC
  11. SPOT ON !! Straight out of the Isis book of war use human shields to protect yourself
  12. "Morale" the biggest issue really How about things like owner ,poor players no goally etc etc etc plus people like you as indicated by your post who can't see the wood for the trees imho
  13. One vital piont u av missed DOES ASPO NEED VALE I reckon a big fat NO! if he wants a future in league management Would u work for NS and be his next human shield ??
  14. SPOT ON especially the stoke thing just listen to PandG ON SATS ITS positively embarrasing both stoke clubs thick as **** all of em
  15. However long u spent composing this post was a good exercise in time wasting your knocking and no ones in re smurf HE holds all the cards and knows all VALE FANS are limp wrists when it cums to taking action to resolve bad issues with "there" club
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