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  1. No question a lot of people are holding back due to finance but a lot do wait until the last few days of the deadline.  I also know a few fans who, for whatever reason, buy their ST’s after the early bird has elapsed every year.

    Waiting for the hospitality prices to come out before I go down the season ticket route, it’s taking the club longer than I thought it might to get them shared!

  2. Regarding strikers, I mention this a lot as some people still don't seem to get it - just because someone has scored goals elsewhere doesn't mean they would score goals with us, and vice versa.
    Looking at the top five L1 goalscorers last season, and their record before shows this:
    • Will Keane - 26 goals last season - 6 in 34 for Ipswich in L1 previously
    • Ross Stewart - 24 goals last season - 15 in 63 for Ross County in the Scottish Prem previously
    • Alfie May - 23 goals last season - 10 in 92 for Doncaster in L1 previously
    • Cole Stockton - 23 goals last season - 1 in 16 for Tranmere in L2 previously (never hit double figures at any club before Morecambe)
    • Scott Twine - 20 goals last season - 8 in 50 at Swindon over L1/L2 previously.
    None of those were 'prolific' before joining their current club. You could argue Stewart and Twine showed potential as younger players maybe.
    It's about finding players that suit a system and style of play, which I'm sure we're looking at. Wilson and Proctor had their best ever scoring seasons with us last season for example.
    'Names' like Norwood etc don't interest me, and I trust this recruitment setup as to whoever comes in.

    Love the insight this posts gives, doesn’t matter how many a player has scored beforehand, it’s what they do next that matters the most, all of those have never been prolific beforehand

    Who needs unproven L1 Telford
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  3. Do we know if we were actually even interested in him? With Telford he wouldn’t even be guaranteed to start for us. He’s certainly nowhere near Wilson’s league as a player and quite frankly if Proctor is fit he starts also.

    If we do have championship ambitions, then we ought not to be shopping for the likes of unproven in L1 Telford. We’ll land the players we need to more than survive next season.

    Looking forward to the 1st July…
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  4. At least Mal signing has stopped all the negativity about Gibbo leaving.

    Outstanding player, shone above many in our team and also against the opposition he was head and shoulders above any other league 2 wing back I’ve seen.

    At 28, he still has masses to give. Great to get his signature and he’ll easily slot into league 1 life I suspect

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  5. Crimes, some of the meltdown comments are laughable… Gibbo leaves, 1 player does not make a team! We’ll be just fine, we recruited well last term, despite all of our concerns, both pre-season and Jan transfer window. We all just need to look forward to the replacements coming through the door…

    I’d much prefer someone that is 95% available, fully committed, then someone who is, in/out of the squad and head is elsewhere.

    We move forwards always, especially so with the collective team we have at the club.

    Good luck to Gibbo, class style, top bloke, awesome service to the club and process we’ve gone through over the years.

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  6. Regeneration is really tough in small cities/large towns. Stoke-on-Trent is held back by a few issues, including awful public transport links but mainly poor educational outcomes. 
    The current regeneration model, started in the early 80s by Heseltine in Liverpool and the Docklands, is to encourage private investment in urban areas by 'building stuff'. 'Building stuff' is largely what the council is spending the Levelling Up money on. 
    If there is going to be systemic change in Burslem and Stoke-on-Trent, I feel we need to move away from a short-term 'build stuff' approach (although it is important as part of the wider picture) and shift towards a more long-term plan which brings together actors from the community, private sector, and state agencies. Port Vale should be a crucial part of this.

    It also needs to federate out further than Hanley…. The problem with the local council is the Money is going into the Centre regeneration (mostly), I suspect to try and attract external investments, which over the years I suspect they’d hope it would enable it to federate out into the 6 towns…..

    Although, unless Vale hit the championship and stay there…. Investment will be slow and small until that point.
  7. It was a great interview but it needs to be backed up somewhat this season.
    Imagine how silly he will look if we got relegated now.
    For me, L1 is our level. That's where we should be. The Championship would be a dream and if we were to get there, I think we would be punching above our weight (but I'd absolutely love it!).

    Do you think Brentford fans would have said that all those years ago… I suspect so, stuff happens, really positive to hear the progress
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  8. Has another year at Leeds, there’s a local article quoting that… he’s been loaned out now for 2 seasons, the forthcoming season would be his 3rd season out on… they reckon he’ll get released, can you really see him challenging for a spot in their 1st team?

  9. I do think the shortage of coaches and not knowing if they can get on one is putting a few off getting tickets(i know a few)

    Jump on the train at Crewe, less than £50 return including your tube tickets, gives you plenty of pub options then around London
  10. It is ridiculous to think that you could have a 12,500 crowd of which 4,500 will be Swindon fans housed in the one stand which produces the best acoustics across the whole stadium. Not much of a ‘home advantage’ is it?

    Completely agree with this, be great to pack out the park with just 10% of their fans and the rest Vale!!!
  11. Away fans are located in the Arkells Stand at one side of the pitch, where up to 1,200 fans can be housed....Teams with a larger away following can also be allocated the Stratton Bank End if required. A further 2,100 fans can be accommodated in this area, but the end has no cover and is open to the elements.
    If they limit us to 1200, it should be reciprocated, and some sort of concourse splitting portable barrier solution implemented to give Vale an extra 3000 Hamil seats, 300 netted off to seperate. Another portable barrier on the car park. Sorted.

    For the home tie, why couldn’t we give them the current/open section of the Lorne street and let Vale fans have the hamil end???
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