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  1. What's the alleged advantage? I thought we had to change ends at half time anyway? Or am I missing something? You perhaps are missing something, and yes of vourse we change sides at half time!! 30 odd years at Port Vale and probably 95 % of these home games we always finish the game playing towards the Bycars. Clearly the management over the years have felt it a positive to play that way. It is an observation where recently things seem to have gone against the grain, is this Clarke or is this the away team?
  2. This is the 3rd or 4th time we appear to have been turned by the away club to kick against the Bycars in the first half. Is this tactical by Clarke or are clubs trying to remove our alleged advantage. As long as can remember at Vale Park we have always endeavoured to kick towards the Bycars second half. Any thoughts?
  3. Quite agree. We're back and that should be the biggest topic. Great day, great atmosphere between both sets of fans. As Clarke states it's a marathon not a sprint. UTV
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