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  1. No use being best in the league if your out injured all the time. If we can only have 20 first team players next season our best midfielder needs to play 90%of them.
  2. Very very sad news best wishes to his family
  3. Hope when we are back at Vale Park we all get the chance to show our appreciation of people like Mike, such a big loss to his family and Vale, it won't be the same without him.
  4. Does this mean that we don't need Colin garlic now to many chiefs and not enough Indians
  5. Anyone who keeps picking Mills needs to go and fast
  6. How many more games are we going to waste before we appoint a manager we are a joke of a club. Can't take much more of this crap we are a laughing stock.
  7. Hi this is the valiant.  Steven Rowley.                                                          102 Churnet Valley Road.                                                            Kingsley Holt.                                                                    Stoke on Trent.                                                                           Staffs.                                                                                 ST10 2BQ.                                                          Many thanks 

  8. Derek Adams for me. Have we ever taken a manager from another club while they still in a job.
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