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  1. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New year. Hope things improve for you, missed your great contribution to OVF
  2. Think radio scum ring people the same people every week
  3. We should boycott ringing in leave them to t
  4. We have the best owners in the football league
  5. Thank you very much for giving us Daryl thank you very much thank you very very much
  6. Really enjoyed that they were a vile team and got what they deserved let's get through the next round then city United Chelsea or Tottenham please
  7. The waves lapping on the sand in Majorca
  8. Politic best forward we've got head and shoulders above the rest ?
  9. Amazing we now have a team, manager and owners to be proud of
  10. The long and winding road because that's what it's been to get to where we are now
  11. Think some of the stewards we have need to get some manners the way they speak to fans doesn't cost anything to say please
  12. For the first time in a long time can't wait for the next game
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