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  1. Have known Mike for 30 years can't put into words how sad I feel he was the best Vale fan I've ever known. He will be missed so much at the Vale best wishes to his family
  2. Come on Mike keep fighting we need you fit and well for next season Best wishes to your family
  3. Very very sorry to hear this come on Mike fight this like you've fought for the Vale
  4. Why dont we use the money we were offering for Taylor to get Ironside no chance of Taylor forest want silly money
  5. Just watched the Wigan game when they beat city 1 nil any chance we can sing the will grigg song but replace grigg with pope would be amazing
  6. Spoke to Carol today asked her about season ticket holders being able to get tickets she said they in discussion about doing something for the next release of tickets in January I think it's out of her hands
  7. My daughter on holiday in Japan got 2 me I didn't even get the code
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