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  1. Sad day R.I.P JJ thanks for all the great memories best wishes to your family
  2. Think it's time for a bit of honesty now the fans who stumped up their hard earned cash need to know what the hell is going on. If it stays as it is and know one says anything can only see a lot of people keeping their money in their pocket come season ticket renewals
  3. Think it's to late for us if he goes now should have gone 6 games ago had enough of watching crap
  4. We WANT a new manager We NEED a new manager We EXPECT a new manager Simple
  5. The thing is if a new manager and something good to watch is not in place soon they won't get half the season ticket sales as they did this season. People have been away from Vale Park for so long they won't be rushing back we have suffered enough over the last decade over to you Carole
  6. Can only see us in non league next season unless Askey is sacked now
  7. Can you still get your season ticket money back this is shocking
  8. How much longer have we got to put up with this idiot get him out
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