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  1. Think some of the stewards we have need to get some manners the way they speak to fans doesn't cost anything to say please
  2. For the first time in a long time can't wait for the next game
  3. Think they will get around that with big 6 figure fee and sell on clause
  4. Think nothing will be sorted till the club after Tom Conlan makes their bid.
  5. Spoke to Tom today he was limping said it would be 2 weeks
  6. Will give the testimonial a miss and keep my hard earned cash in my pocket thanks for your efforts Tom
  7. Rhys Oats still not signed for Hartlepool
  8. God that was so boring
  9. This oats guy at Hartlepool looks the business get him signed
  10. Sam Hornby not signed his new contract offer at Bradford yet
  11. That for me is the best signing so far done really good to get him to stay
  12. No use being best in the league if your out injured all the time. If we can only have 20 first team players next season our best midfielder needs to play 90%of them.
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