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  1. Am I the only one who is dreading the season starting next week. Really wish we had at least a few more weeks of peace. Enjoyed not having Vale around over the summer. Not looking forward to it but start it must.
  2. Just typical Port Vale fans trying to cause "mass depression".
  3. Sir, I don't often post on here anymore but I'll make an exception on this occasion to say how much I agree with this post. Also my biggest pet hate regarding these so called "Phoenix Clubs". Replacing proper Football League old guard such as Stockport, Wrexham, York etc. It's a shame that we're losing proper names in English football for bank rolled Sunday league sides.
  4. Wonder what we as fans would do if the worst did happen though? I can't see us letting the spirit/name just die, even if it did mean starting in the North West Counties in front of 500 fans.
  5. Just some musings that I'm putting out there. I was wondering if the worst came to the worst and Sm***waite gets his way or indeed if he doesn't (I think as fans we all need a fresh challenge and a change of scenery) would you all back and support a Phoenix club. What would your ideas for ground etc be? It's an interesting idea and if done right one which could provide a new and interesting experience. It would probably be run better and supported better than the original Port Vale. I'm getting to the stage now (after decades of off field battles and systemic on field failure)where I just want to start with a new club.
  6. scVale


    Read the second line of your post and just lost my train of thought. Can't even come to terms with the fact that we are even thinking about and talking about the possibility of conference football at Port Vale Football Club.
  7. I'm a Psychologist and I'll say that sounds like a classic case of a 1st class t@sser. Tell me the time and date of any prospective meeting to begin removing this man and I'll be there. I'll also be happy to provide any input to a prospective campaign, psychological insights, leafletting anything! In all seriousness his very disagreeable personality, complete lack of social awareness and seeming inability to build a positive relationship with anybody could well be suggestive of something like a Schizoid or Schizotypal personality disorder. This complete rejection of help from anybody and seemingly constant need for self-dependency, no matter how damaging is another worrying trait. My prescribed treatment is a swift sale to Synectics (or any other interested parties) #Smurfwaite Out!
  8. Could Synetics not align with the Supporters Club in some way in order to help give their cause a bit of momentum. It would help to put pressure on Smurfwaite and a SC campaign backed by Synetics would automatically take away that argument that no-body is out there. The SC helped to gather momentum against V2001 before and they could do it again, this time backed by new prospective owners. No one can control Smurfwaite's actions but we could begin doing a damn sight more to put pressure on him. Carol Shenahan already has good links with many community interests in Burslem so I'm sure she'd have no problem making contact with the SC.
  9. Going say no doubt this is linked in some way to Smurf withdrawing funds or equipment (because of the money) from this area. Speedy did a first rate job for years before Smurfwaite arrived.
  10. The moral of this whole story is that you could easily just change the names and you'd be convinced that it was still 2011, Mo, Oliver, Bratt, Lloyd et al. So depressing.
  11. Ooooh could be Jonesy. Grimsby fans all seem resigned to losing him and their forum is going into meltdown.
  12. Butt Lane Vale Fan, take a bow. You feel my pain entirely. Finally someone who reflects my way of thinking.
  13. Wow, with that fine attitude anyone would think you were a native of Stoke on Trent lowsaintsfan. Very decent.
  14. Haha Party like it's 1998 ay ;) Must have brought back a few memories for them that tonight.
  15. I can remember when Vale first got relegated to L2 in 2008, I had this mentality of "we should be beating all of these mickey mouse teams". However I quickly learnt that it doesn't work like that and that combined with Vale's disastrous start means that I have a totally different mind-set this time. It's important to realise that although some clubs in this league are small some are very well coached, giving them the ability to compete 11 v 11. It's important that we don't become this league's Sheff Utd or Bradford assuming that gates win games. It's all about the players, how they are set up, their mind-set and how they are coached. Why do you think clubs like **ahem** Port Vale used to go to Maine Road in the 90's and consistently beat City? Take away history, the crowd, ground etc and just imagine our 11 playing Newport's 11 on an indiscriminate field, with no club allegiance, would we be as confident or assured of our right to a win. That's what you have to ask yourself. Tonight was a good point and I am grateful for any points that we can get at the moment.
  16. Hi all. This isn't really football related but I was wondering if fellow members of the Vale family could help me out. Myself and four others are conducting research at the University of Manchester, examining the relationship between student recovery experiences, well-being and workload. As part of this research we are asking people to complete this short survey. You don't have to be a student to partake, just somebody with an interest in the research (or just a good Samaritan). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks... https://mbs.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5ckSZzXFETBxTo1
  17. Absolutely, there's something about Aspo and not just his legendary status that just gives me a hunch that something positive is happening. His first job is to reverse that freak of a slide and get us back in the chase for the Championship again. I do think he needs to bring few players in though before we'll begin to see a real difference.
  18. It is more fun when things go right. However, it can be rough when they don't as it often means that things take a lot longer to put right.
  19. I think that's part of the charm with Vale, it's like a cult following. The romanticism that you feel following Vale is similar to that of Excelsior in Rotterdam, Everton, Notts County, St Pauli or Espanyol. Small clubs, battling against bigger neighbours but with no less passion, a rich history and a strong identity. It's that kind of cult following feeling that Stoke will never be able to emulate no matter how much money they have, as they'll always be the bigger club and for me that is what will always draw me towards Port Vale over them regardless of league status.
  20. I've noticed that as well, especially on Twitter posts. I can honestly say that I have never seen Vale fans commenting directly on Stoke news etc. It's probably their way of using comparison to make themselves feel better as another *ahem* top 4 bid flounders.
  21. Sadly there is nothing that we can do then. Creating more conflict will just harm and destabilise the club further in this current situation. We need to find some faith in Smurf, hope that his advisors will lead to him making the right appointment, which will then turn results around. Hopefully then once things have stabilised and the club has got back up to L1 then maybe Smurf may sell. Believe me though I want Smurf to sell ultimately and this situation is really hurting me, I just believe that short terms stability and leadership is the answer. One thing we cannot do when the club is rooted to the foot of the league like this is destabilise it. If you look at all of the "big" clubs like Tranmere that have gone out there is usually some form of chaos within the club. We are dissatisfied at the moment but we aren't quite at that point. If things destabilised off the pitch now i.e. Smurf walking completely we would just tumble out of the league ala Darlington 2010.
  22. Precisely, there is absolutely nothing else that us mere mortals can do. Short of winning big on the Euros
  23. If there genuinely are no other buyers out there then we've got to simply put our faith in someone. If we don't we'll tear before the club apart... without the actions of Smurfwaite.
  24. You know I'm beginning to think this now. I've been a major critic of Smurf's in recent times, even going as far as to literally beg him to sell the club. However, I think we've got to welcome his return and continued support. We need that leadership and stability at the moment. I also actually think that he came across quiet well in both of his recent interviews. Some people now have "pre-set" agendas against Smurf and this won't change no matter what. This constant sense of conflict isn't good for the club and is what will ultimately lead to the clubs oblivion. No organisation can survive long term in a constant state of turmoil. There are times when we should definitely make a stand but you also need to know when to call bygones and if Smurf gets the right man and things begin to turn around maybe that may be the time.
  25. We'll see come next summer. Once we go adrift that will be it. It's the same every time this club gets into a relegation fight. Brown just hasn't got a club how to turn things around despite of what he says in the media. If he did we would surely see some improvement by now after nearly a full calendar year. This is truly the clubs lowest ebb and I honestly don't think that views such as this are over dramatic. I am pretty confident that I aren't the only one thinking this. As for the whining comments, we've all had a moan at a poor performance or slipping close to the relegation zone or getting outbid in the transfer market but this current situation goes beyond the pale. To actual be facing the possibility of going out of the league... heart-breaking. Exactly Gallifreyan... that is where all of my emotion is coming from.
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