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  1. Not sure if mentioned, but game is free to view if you have a skybet account
  2. Yeah I agree, I can't see it working in normal circumstances. Unless they move to some kind of click/collect type arrangement and you pre-order then collect at half time. A bit like they do in theatres. But seat delivery wouldn't work.
  3. Sounds to me like this is to be put in place whilst socially distanced seating arrangements will be in place. It will help the club avoid cues forming at half time around the vendors. I think there is likely to be free rows of seats to enable easy food delivery. If we are talking about 5k people spread around the whole ground. I don't think this is aimed as a long term service when things are back to normal.
  4. Interesting listen again today. I liked the discussion around the squad cap and youth development in years to come. Made me think of this report from a couple of years back around the improvements made in the vale academy in recent years. https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2019/july/academy-productivity/ I know this is from 2019, but definitely seems even pre Carol, there is good work going on, that hopefully produce more players to the 1st team, if they don't get poached by the higher Cat academies.
  5. Thought Johnny was harsh with his marks for Hurst and let Amoo off lightly, didn't think there was much to choose between them yesterday. I would add that when Rodney moved to the left, I think that showed how a 433 should be played with the wide men tucking in close to the striker. I suppose that's what you get by playing a forward in that position not Hurst who is essentially a left midfielder pushed forward.
  6. I think Taylor struggles to start for us if we go back to playing 442, we should be looking at a Joyce/Manny replacement box to box or combative midfielder. If you were Taylor would you sign for us not knowing the manager or formation we are likely to play and then end up stuck being used as a sub for the next few months.
  7. Taking your point about the dark arts on board lads and rewatching their penalty I'm 100% convinced if Conlon spins around, holds his ankle and squeals when he makes contact with Hannat we would have been talking about a red card for Luke instead of a Cambridge penalty. That's what would other teams would have done.
  8. I like Askey and think he has done a good job since taking over and wouldn't want to judge him untill end of the season. However I think the last three games are worrying because in all three games we should have made formation changes after about 30 mins. Saturday it was obvious 442 wasn't working and the midfield was overwhelmed. The week before was the opposite after 30 mins we had so much of the ball could have easily go two up top and probably gone to an attacking 352. I think a higher league manager would have made changes during the matches and not let them drift in the way we have don
  9. Good episode today I thought, especially the debate about ifollow and the income for the club's involved. Also interesting discussing ways to raise funds for the club. Some ideas I think would work, like shirt of the back being taken online. Would be ideal if it was an option when buying your match day pass/entering your pass number. Unfortunately can't see ifollow being able to manage to anything that complicated.
  10. If we can get the opener soon can see us getting another couple. But as it is we do look open at the back when they counter.
  11. We have been shafted by this. I didn't expect anymore football, including playoff's. I would have been more than happy to except PPG with the top 4 going up, but missing out on the chance of the PO like this seems harsh.
  12. I have a feeling they may release all out of contract players or make some creative offers to players they want to keep to reduce wages untill football starts again (etc). It would no make sense to offer 1 year deals for example if we aren't going to start the new season in August. We already know there will be lots of players at a very similar or better level available to sign very shortly. My personal preference would be to sign up Conlon, Amoo,Monty, Cullen and of course Smith.
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