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  1. The last manager, Neil Aspin brought in none league players that he had worked with or seen in none league performances and liked. I hope that John Askey has more success in this sphere. Also hope that he will bring in some experienced players in their twenties with proven L1 and L2 ability. It is early days and I do have confidence the manager. Just hoping for an improved season.
  2. With Ray in Goal and Johnny Nicholson half back the Vale had a great defence. I was sorry to see him get transferred, but he deserved his chance to play at a higher level.
  3. Sorry G.G. It's me that was a little confused. Reading in haste,and not reading to what you were replying to, I thought that you were implying that they came through from Arsenal, when indeed Arsenal were not mentioned.
  4. Walcott came through from Southampton.
  5. A bit off topic. Friends of mine rented a house a few months ago from Smurthwaite, but before agreeing to they asked for some things to be done concerning the property. He agreed to do them. He has not done anything as promised and they are so fed up that they have now left the house to go and live elsewhere. When I found out about this, I thought - typical devious Smurf.
  6. Deal is on - until the day before Smurfs deadline day, then it fails and so he takes the club into administration. His evil mind would do this out of spite.
  7. With ambitious new owners the club could well exceed gates of 6,000 or more on most home games.
  8. Because Smurf is intending to inflict damage upon a solvent profit making business so much as to dismantle it. Could leagle advice be taken to see what the fans might achieve by taking the matter to court. After all it is not just a business, but also a community asset. What thoughts might the Stoke-on-Trent council have on the matter?
  9. Thats not the only promise that he has broken. When he first took over he said,'the club will never be in debt again'.
  10. Yeovil don't score many goals, (only Vale & Cambridge have scored less) So I don't foresee many goals being scored tonight. Vale should, I hope score at least one goal and if the defence switches off as many times they do, the visitors may score a goal. Hope that the Vale can win by at least the odd goal, but a 0-0 or 1-1 draw looks likely.
  11. Just a few years ago Mansfield were glad to employ Port Vale's cast off's when they were none league. Now they are after gaining promotion to L1 and the Vale are fighting to stay in L2. What a dreadful downward plunge for our club. Obviously all down to a lousy owner.
  12. A good way of avoiding tax and VAT on goods is to buy for cash, serve the product for cash ones self and pocket the proceeds. Only a tight fisted, penny pinching, scrurming, maggot, would do such a thing. We should be grateful that we have a 100% honest chairman running things to keep everything legal.
  13. Because that's how his selfish , money grabbing mind works.
  14. If Smurf sees this item in the press, he won't care he's too thick skinned. It might even boost his ego. His name being advertised, making him (in)famous.
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