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  1. He's a human being. Of course he will miss the odd chance. But he's absolute mustard. End of discussion.
  2. James Wilson is a class above. Anyone thinking otherwise is deluded.
  3. Just email anyone that's bought an ST in the bycars saying you're being shifted to the hamil. If you don't like it have a refund. Done. We should have the hamil. The bycars is a tragic. Anyone thinking otherwise is deluded. Many people from other areas of the ground would move in a heartbeat to the hamil. It would give us a end and make the overall atmosphere at VP much better.
  4. Other than being tall I'm not sure he's that good. Surprised Huddersfield went for him.
  5. I know a bloke who had relations with shola's sister. He's a vale fan so should be able get it sorted.
  6. Bet you didn't have queue on the vale car park for that hotel room
  7. He gave away the corner...the terrible marking cost us the goal. Just defend the corner. Frustrating one for me. If mckirdy is going to score it should never be from a header off a corner.
  8. Yeah Pope is proper anti vale. I wouldn't attend a game for him now.
  9. It's absolutely terrible that bar. Sums swindon away up.
  10. I bet your ticket was in an envelope with your name on.
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