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  1. He isnt very good. Hasn't really scored goals at a number of clubs now.
  2. I also read that Man City will have Stewards from the city centre to the Ethihad directing those who want to walk.
  3. What are people doing before the game? My train gets into Victoria at 1 so just wondering where the best atmosphere will be. I know the Ethihad has a fan zone area by the ground but would prefer to drink in town.
  4. I've managed to get an away end ticket. If anyone wants a ticket for the home end than I have one for sale.
  5. I've no idea what im going to do if we even get close to scoring sat in the home end.
  6. im going in the home end. Just paid £43 for two tickets. Im not missing this one. Will VAR be used in this?
  7. m hoping that on Sunday there will be at least a couple of hundred left. Ill be leaving Leeds in the early morning to get down to the ticket office ready for 10am
  8. Looking more and more likely that ill be in the home end.
  9. What do people think of the chances of any tickets going on general sale. I live in Leeds so dont have a season ticket. I think giving Season ticket holders 11 days to get tickets is excessive but if they do sell out am I likely to be able to get in the home end?
  10. Had a little look on blue moon. They reckon they could get near 50000 for this. Kids for a quid etc. Would be amazing to get that many although I think it will be around the 40000 mark.
  11. http://www.shrimpsvoices.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=24582&sid=4269967e57c9523579a7ab394c29a892
  12. https://www.thecumbrians.net/cufc-forum/main-forum/10429-richie-bennett-to-port-vale Oh dear.
  13. Alex Gilliead has been linked. Winger from Shrewsbury. Saw him a couple of times at Bradford and would do a decent job for us.
  14. The tweet appears to have been deleted.
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