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  1. Wonder if there’s going to be any signings this week or news of the new kit
  2. I know it’s about opinions but I am willing to give these players a chance and see if askey with a full Pre season can turn vale into a challenging top table side
  3. I know the signings aren’t getting everyone excited and I see the signings of burgess, Kennedy and potentially Lloyd as askey knows there ability instead of any unknown gamble, the non league football they have been playing is not far of league 2 standard and these maybe become good footballers! These players will not be on massive wages and this might free up more money for 2 more proven strikers! I trust askey and to be fair let’s give them a chance and surely we can’t do any worse than the last two seasons under smurf! Glass half full rather than half empty! UTV
  4. Sounds good like you said right age! Hope he fits in
  5. Don’t know anything about the lad! Welcome Scott
  6. Sorry if this is premature but after Aspin interview last night it sounds like vale could be looking for a new manager? Who will be in the frame? I’ve seen John askey mentioned but who else
  7. Montano and Kay off and Pugh and Legge on
  8. Rory McKeown off and Luke hannant on at half time! We attacked good with wing backs first half
  9. Half time : vale been more dominant but been a bit scrappy in the first half! Quigley looks quite good playing off pope! 1-1 score but vale should push on second half with this display and win
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