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About the author: A Port Vale fan since 1980, Rob Fielding created this website in 1996. Originally called "There's only one Vale fan in Bristol?" it became simply onevalefan or OVF for short. You can get updates on Twitter through the account @onevalefan


  1. Valiant Steve
    7th November 2021 @ 10:03 am

    I did have respect for him. That’s gone now. He’ll get a lot more than a bit of friendly banter (very derogatory ) next season when we stuff them in the league.

    Having said that, based on today’s performances, his team will be lucky to stay up this season and we’ll probably swap divisions with them at the end of this season!

  2. Ken Grocott
    8th November 2021 @ 5:39 pm

    Much like Yems at Crawley after we put 4 past them the week before – worried about his job, and looking to deflect the blame on anybody and everybody but his own players and tactics. Some of their defending was comical, and behind closed doors, he will be rollocking his back 4. He also got it wrong tactically, and will be smarting the Clarke got the better of him on the day.
    The comment about us playing them next season may well come back to haunt him. I hope so, because he is completely out of order with these comments. Get over it John – you were hammered by a better team. Shame on you for trying to paint it any other way.

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