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  1. PVFC
    4th September 2021 @ 5:48 pm

    Said last season Clarke a poor appointment. See nothing to change my opinion. Our better players have not been bought in by him. This manager can only average a point a game at best. Whoever recommended him needs to go along with him. Plays the best right midfielder in the league as a wing back. Would probably play Kane as a midfielder and play Rice and Mount as Strikers. I am afraid he has not got a clue,another season fighting relegation looms. This time last season Askey had us up there but bad luck with injuries to our top players set us back. This manager has a fully fit squad and is doing nothing. Manager and his style of play beggar’s belief or as Del would say about him, what a plonka.

  2. Bobon
    4th September 2021 @ 10:10 pm

    I am totally amazed by the substitutions made at half time. Garrity was one of the busiest players on the pitch and Jones did not deserve to be substituted. The player that should have gone off was Benning. I am afraid that he is not playing very well at the moment – very slow and letting attacking players stroll past him. Plus, at some stage, and hopefully very soon, Mr Clarke has got to accept that he is playing Worrall out of position. He is never a wing defender as everybody other than Mr Clarke seem to know that he is a wing forward. Come on get off that high horse Mr Clarke and accept that you contributed to the loss probably more than the players and certainly some of them were not at the races today.

    I don’t know what it is with Vale but everytime they get a decent crowd they put on a dismal display and then the next home match loses about 2000 spectators.

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