They’ll probably tell me to bugger off – Tom Pope on the Man City game

Veteran striker Tom Pope gave a typically dry interview to the Guardian labelling himself as the “slowest striker in the world” ahead of the team’s game against Manchester City.

Pope will get the chance to lead the Vale line against the FA Cup holders on Saturday evening but any nerves have not dampened his sense of humour.

Following some tongue in cheek tweets about City defender John Stones, Pope is sure of his reception from the opposition saying: “If the Man City players have had a look at what I’ve said, they’ll probably tell me to bugger off.”

I know what I am, I’m the slowest footballer in the world…

Describing his style of play, Pope described himself as a “carthorse” and added: “I know what I am, I’m the slowest footballer in the world.”

“I’ll come last in any running race but I also know what my strengths are and, if you play to my strengths, I know I am a handful for anyone.”

The gap between the two sides is staggering and former double glazing fitter Pope has a unique take on how he could help the City millionaires adding: “They have all got big houses so if any of them ever need any windows doing, then maybe I’ll give them a call”.

He also touches on his numerous Twitter spats saying: “Everybody keeps telling me you need to come off but I love interacting with people. If I reported everybody who abused me, there would be nobody left on Twitter.”

You can read the full interview in the Guardian here –