OVF Quiz: test your Port Vale Christmas knowledge

In another of our regular series of quizzes, we test your knowledge of Christmas-related events

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How well do you know Christmas events?

I WASN'T born on Christmas Day...
Doug Loft
Ben Williamson
Dave McLelland
Brett Angell
I NEVER scored a goal in a Christmas Day fixture...
Tommy Cheadle
Basil Hayward
Colin Askey
Stan Turner
I scored my first Port Vale goal on Boxing Day...
Port Vale midfielder Sam Foley
Dean Glover
Simon Eldershaw
Simon Richman
I was made Port Vale manager on Christmas Eve...
Joe Schofield
Freddie Steele
Norman Low
Tom Morgan
Which striker was born on Boxing Day?
Tony Naylor
Lee Mills
Brian Mills
Martin Foyle
Who was the last defender to score a goal on Boxing Day?
Port Vale defender John McCombe
Port Vale defender Remie Streete
Carl Dickinson
Port Vale defender Nathan Smith
Which continental signing scored his first League goal for Port Vale on Boxing Day...
Dany N'Guessan
Achille Campion
Jan Jansson
Ville Viljanan
I scored a hat-trick on Boxing Day 1961...
Bert Llewellyn
Cliff Portwood
Stan Steele
Harry Poole
I made my debut on Boxing Day 1978...
Peter Farrell
Bob Delgano
Kevin Tully
Felix Healy
A loanee, my only goal for Vale was scored on Boxing Day...
Colin West
Marc Laird
Kevin Scott
Craig Russell
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