Prediction panel: Colchester United v Port Vale

Welcome to our prediction panel feature. Each week father and son duo Rob and Fred will pit their wits against a succession of OVF forum regulars.

Rob and Fred FieldingAbout the predictors

Rob founded OVF over twenty years ago and updates the blog on this site.  Rob says he is an “absolutely hopeless” predictor. His son Fred is 13 and has been going to see Vale for a few years now. He hopes to “humiliate my dad as per usual.”

This time we’re asking everyone for their prediction for the Cambridge United game…


Colchester Utd 1-1 Port Vale
I’m not going to get carried away despite the excellent starting result but I do think Vale have every chance of avoiding defeat. My concern right now will be over-playing Ricky Miller when he hasn’t had a pre-season. For that reason I think a resurgent Vale will take the lead through Manny Oyeleke but will concede their first goal of the season in the second period. Nevertheless, a draw away from home will still be an encouraging result for the team.


Colchester 0-2 Port Vale
I’m not going to commit to any particular scorers but I’m really hopeful that Vale will carry on their good form and pick up another three points in their next game. I certainly hope so…

This week the duo take on forum legend Fosse69


Colchester United 0-2 Port Vale
A careful approach by Aspin in the first half, as with Saturday and pressure by the home team is coped with, although we had a few narrow escapes. But the second-half comes alive as the dynamic duo cause problems in their tall but ponderous defence with swift interplay. Once again Ricky draws a penalty, put away by Pope, and the game sealed by another Montano cross to Pope, knocked down to Miller who smashes it home.

How they fared

Last week all three prediction panelists went for a Vale win but no-one got the exact score so the table looks like this:

 Panelist Correct scores  Correct results  TOTAL
 Rob 0 1 5
 Fred 0 1 5
 Forum users  0 1 5
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