7 Safest Spots to Show Your Date

7 Safest Spots to Show Your Date

Travelling with your partner always seems to be much safer. A warm shoulder to rely on is always nice to have by your side.

However, there are so-called hot spots on Earth which even the strongest and the bravest couple could be at harm. Unfortunately, there are many of these on the map so, you’d better choose the safest vacation spots, the ones where a lost purse will be returned within ten minutes to its owner. Here you have the top places you are able to visit and enjoy the sights and not worry about safety. Feel free to grab your soul mate and enjoy the best vacation of your life.

These are so safe you can go there on your own.


Travelling to Austria is rather good in both winter and summer. The great variety of coffee houses will strike you with their smell and the authentic beauty. The beautiful historic places and the scenery are just breathtaking. What is more, the museums here are so interesting and differ by size, kind, and subjects. Having got to Wien, don’t forget to visit the Albertine’s Gallery. It would be an experience you two will hardly forget.


Of course, this one is one of the safest places to visit. There barely are people within a 60-kilometer radius. People go there to lose themselves to nature. Endless deserts, watefalls, multiple volcanos the names of which you will never learn to pronounce – it is an extremely new mysterious, but very beautiful world, one of its kind. Why not be one of those hundreds of thousands tourist charmed by this beauty?

The Netherlands

We can already imagine you protesting. How can you bring your girl to one of the rare spots on Earth where  cannabis is legalized? Well, you can and you should not fret about your safety. Prostitution and drugs may still be allowed but the police there work hard and control the cities’ nightlives better than in some other places. Even the most massive festivals like the King’s Day at the end of April are well organised. 


Another secluded place to go as a couple. In 2011, the readers of the “Lonely Planet” named Ireland the best place to travel to in the whole world. Cork takes tenth place among the best world’s cities. The photos taken there could be described with the help of the phrase “fifty shades of grey”. Stones, cliffs and seas. One of the safest vacation spots in the world is well worth seeing.

South Korea

This country is one of the safest in Asia. Having got there, you will not believe their culture is thousands of years old. The many modern cities in turn will surprise with their contemporary designs and technologies. What is more the law there is pretty strict. It is a country to make the jaws of every couple drop and is highly recommended.


We cannot miss a country where you can be fined hundreds of dollars for a spit gum. Furthermore, the country, as well as its capital, is highly technologically advanced. The British influence can still be felt on a daily basis out here and you will find the biggest correlation of the dollar billionaires per citizen more often than you can meet single women than in any other country in the world.


Although the economic situation here is far away from perfect it is unlikely you and your date will get hurt. The locals are pretty generous and kind. The country itself dates back to thousands of years which produces the richest history. Enjoy your stay or if not you can always find the places closer to your residence, for instance the safest vacation spots in Mexico or the safest vacation spots in the US.

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