Vale 0-4 Mansfield reaction: a reality check that’ll give Aspo transfer pointers

Port Vale fans say the only positive from Tuesday’s game is that it may help manager Neil Aspin decide who needs replacing in the January window..

Players and management

“When you look at the other teams who are winning as well, it emphasises that it is going to be a hell of a scrap all season and we have to get the balance right. Tonight we have actually had a lot of good situations to score and the stats would back that up. We have had a lot of good attacking play. But it is no good if you concede at the other end. So we have to get the balance right. You are not going to win games if you concede goals like we did tonight. But I don’t want to be too critical, up until they scored that first goal we did really well and deserved to be in front…”

Vale manager Neil Aspin

Views from the OVF forum

“All our problems have been cruelly exposed by this defeat and they’re mostly in midfield. Relying on a central midfield of two from Pugh, Tonge and Kay (who isn’t really a midfielder) is asking for trouble against the better sides in this league, and that is what we got tonight. The fact that Turner is also still our second leading scorer is also a real cause for worry…”

Cambridge Don

“Certainly a reality check of where we stand in the league, teams at the top take their chances…”


“This game will let Aspin and Rudge know who they can keep and those who could leave Vale Park. Where there needs to be improvements…”


“And that’s what happens when you have no midfield. Cheers Michael Brown…”


“Will tonight’s result (just one result) give Aspin more of an idea about what happens in the January transfer window? Who goes out,where replacements are needed the most urgent?”


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