Opposing views: Oxford fans share thoughts on clash with Port Vale

Five Oxford United supporters have their say ahead of their club’s clash with Port Vale in the FA Cup first-round.

We have an excellent chance of exiting the FA Cup in the first-round…

Thanks to REP for asking the questions to fans in yellowsform.co.uk forum.

About the fans

BEHINDTHEGOAL – I have always been a YELLOW.
I’m Oxford born and bred, my first game was vs Man Utd with Best etc. playing, we lost. 
M –
I first attended a pre-season friendly in ’83. I am a season ticket holder on and off.
My first match was Oxford 2 Middlesbrough 2 in May 1971, so I am regarded in the wider OUFC community as the best OUFC fan around. (Please seek confirmation of this from poster ‘mcf86’.)
My first visit to The Manor was in 1985. 13 home wins in a row and in my first game we lost to Blackburn. My mates banned me from going again but I did anyway and we subsequently lost the next home game as well (to Birmingham). It got better though.

How will Oxford do in the cups this season?

BEHINDTHEGOAL – not as well as the previous season.
STOKEU – We will be knocked out in the first round of the Milk cup, and third round of the FA Cup.
M – An early exit has severely hampered our chances in the League Cup. We have an excellent chance of exiting the FA Cup in the first-round too.
PETE BURRETT – I refuse to answer.
BROKEANDOBSCURE – I hope for a plum third round draw in the FA Cup, but League all important for me. Less said about the League Cup the better. Checkatrade is an absolute joke.

Who are the danger players?

BEHINDTHEGOAL – I’m not telling.
STOKEU – Depends who’s having a good day, but many options
M – Could be anyone. Keep an eye on our left-back, he’s fun.
PETE BURRETT – Their performance depends what they feel like, but Ricardinho is a bit special.
BROKEANDOBSCURE – Payne, Payne will tear you apart, again

Favourite Cup moment?

BEHINDTHEGOAL – ’86..nuff said
STOKEU – Leeds, Newcastle and Man Utd in rapid succession. Goal? The third in ’86
M – Milk Cup ’86 of course. For goal though I’ll mention Jefferson Louis’ wonder strike(!) against the ****. It set up a third round tie at Arsenal (which we knew beforehand) and Jefferson, being an Arsenal fan, proceeded to go ‘running round the telly with his willy hanging out’. Jefferson Louis was a real rarity in the modern game. A real ‘one club’ player. One club a week that is. It was ***ing freezing that day. Oh, and it led to seven in a row.
PETE BURRETT – Cup moment: thrashing QPR at Wembley. Goal: can’t remember. Lots of them.
BROKEANDOBSCURE – 1986 all day long (Hebberd’s goal). In recent years though, beating Swansea and Newcastle over the last couple of seasons was very enjoyable!

Can you recommend any blogs or forums?

STOKEU – You’re here – yellowsform.co.uk Avoid Facebook
M – Paul Beesley writes a superb piece for Rageonline. Please do check that out. Otherwise this place is the life and soul.
PETE BURRETT – We have three. ‘Yellows’ (this one) is the most popular. ‘Rage Online’ is a bit more intellectual but has low posting levels. ‘Yellow Voice’ was founded as an alternative to Yellows, but disappeared without trace …. or did it?

Any memories of previous games with Vale?

BEHINDTHEGOAL – Always, always boring.
STOKEU – It’s always cold, it’s always dull, we lose too often, I’m home in twenty minutes.
M – Not really. Those already alluded to I suppose; Leven wonder strike and 90th minute ding-dong.
BROKEANDOBSCURE – Leven scoring from half way. I have a vague recollection of Sean Rigg getting a fair bit of grief at Vale after he signed for Us.

A score prediction and visiting attendance?

STOKEU – 0-1, don’t know, 267 away. Friday night in Burslem ain’t attractive.
M – About 400. Maybe 2-0 to Vale. Don’t have a clue though.
PETE BURRETT – Draw. **** journey on a Friday night, so 240 Oxford fans.
BROKEANDOBSCURE – Away support for Us has been superb this season, as ever. But given the date, time and context maybe 400? Not going to predict a score.


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