Exeter 0-1 Port Vale reaction: a brilliant result…

Exeter 0-1 Port Vale reaction: a brilliant result…

Vale fans say they are delighted with the team’s form under Neil Aspin and say if he can make such a difference in a few weeks how will he fare after a full season?

Players and management

“I am delighted to get the result. You are always pleased to get the win but you are doubly pleased if you think your players have listened to what we have been telling them in midweek. They have kept their shape and worked extremely hard, we are really delighted with their efforts this week. It is down to their work rate and their endeavour, they have managed to dig out two fantastic results in a week…”

Vale boss Neil Aspin

“I didn’t think we were bad today, the first goal again was a crucial starting point which made it very difficult for us to come back into and I’d have liked to have done a little bit better under the pressure at the end to try and get the goal. We didn’t, we weren’t bad, I’m concerned because I’m a professional and I want to do the very best I can over the week…”

Exeter boss Paul Tisdale

Views from the OVF forum

“We looked top of table team today…”


“How good is James Gibbons? Wins every header. Infinite energy and one of the quickest players we’ve got. Strong in the tackle and a good cross. Played as a wing back in a back five and a full back in a back four. Cracking player…”


“One thing we did comment on today was Aspin’s flexibility with systems and personnel to get a result in a specific game. Had us reminiscing about Rudge and how sublimely he did it in the 90’s…”

Robbie Earle’s Perm

“Brilliant result today. Even the Exeter boss, Paul Tilsdale, has been in Exeter media praising Vale and saying we’re a good side. Fair play to him…”


“If Neil Aspin can change our fortunes in two weeks what can he do in nine months? We couldn’t defend and hardly scored previously. Hope the confidence and the managers tactics carry on through the season because it could be an exciting six months…”


“Amazing result. Just goes to show what a bit of fight and organisation can do for a side, a bunch of players that actually want to play for the shirt, the manager and each other…”


“Marvellous team performance by the Vale, all the players were excellent particularly the defence in the second half…”


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