Port Vale 1-2 Accrington reaction: fans say Vale need new manager ASAP

Port Vale 1-2 Accrington reaction: fans say Vale need new manager ASAP

Port Vale supporters say the club needs to get a new man in by the weekend – and opposing boss John Coleman has his admirers…

Players and management

“We did enough to get something out of the game and we pushed a team who have been doing great. We know our players have got the quality not to be involved in a relegation battle, but unfortunately we are involved in it.”

Vale joint caretaker Chris Morgan

“It was a really surreal game, their crowd was very flat. To be fair to them they had a couple of chances… but Billy pops up with a great goal and gives us the wake-up we needed…”

Accrington manager John Coleman

Views from the OVF forum

“Michael Brown would have been proud – make four changes after a decent performance, drop your best two midfield players and then, to top it all, put your leading scorer (with the best goals to minute ratio in the league) on the bench. And leave him there until there are just 13 minutes left. Micky [Adams] is right – Norman needs to make the new appointment soon and preferably before the weekend…”


“We have to have a manager by the weekend. Why does it always take so long to appoint with Norman…”


“What do we all want for Christmas? A new manager named by the board. But we would all settle for a early present of an experienced manager. Just hope he is in before October…”


“We need a settled team with a settled defence, we can’t keep chopping and changing…”


“Imagine not wanting Coleman as manager: 88 away fans, 1,200 home gates, a team of nobodies + Billy Kee, sitting in third in the table. [Imagine] what he could do for us… Good luck to Accy – a good manager and Kee, their number 7, and number 4 were very good. I hope they make the play-offs (again) this year…”


“A footballing lesson from the best manager outside the top two divisions…”

Alan Baker

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