Liverpool’s Possible £148M Coutinho Acquisition Hangs on Renato Sanches’ Shoulders

Liverpool’s Possible £148M Coutinho Acquisition Hangs on Renato Sanches’ Shoulders

There’s no stopping to Liverpool’s yearning for more greatness, as they’re showing great interest in Munich Bayern’s Renato Sanches. This is in line with Barcelona’s active pursuance of the Reds’ Philippine Coutinho.
Reports have it that Liverpool won’t approve of Coutinho’s transfer to Barcelona. However, the Reds might give in to the offer if they get Renato Sanchez in the process. With this, the whole Coutinho transfer probability depends on the Reds’ signing Sanches.

Sanches’ Relationship With Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich wasn’t short of giving value to Renato Sanches, as the team gave him what he needed to bring out his ultimate potential. This even led to giving him more playing minutes to further improve the Portuguese’s career stats.

It’s because of this that Sanches was considered as one of the most promising young midfielders in the league. However, things seem to have a sudden turn of events as the Germans showed impatience in Sanches’ growth.
Now, Munich is simply giving an impression that they wanted to give the 20-year-old freedom to choose where he wants to hone his skills. And the finest clubs in the league are quick to react – as expected. Liverpool isn’t the only club who eyes on the youngster, but Swansea and Chelsea as well.

Why Liverpool Wants Sanches First?

Coutinho hasn’t been shy about expressing his intent in leaving Liverpool for Barcelona. And the Reds can’t do something about that, and so, they’ve got no choice to let the aspiring talent go.

But it’s not as easy as that because Liverpool wants to get a worthy replacement of Coutinho’s caliber. Sanches might still be considered as a youngling in the sport, but he’s got a ton of potential.

And that’s just what Liverpool saw in him. So until they get Sanches, or see any progress that he’s headed to the team, they won’t give the 25-year-old footballer a green light to leave.

There are a lot of reasons as to why Liverpool wants Sanches. First off, he’s made three appearances in the European Championship. And out of the humble 407 minutes, he played in it, he made a single goal.

Imagine how many goals he can make after a season or two. If Coutinho’s going to leave, the Reds are going to have its midfielder position vacant. What better thing to do than to have a midfielder replacement?

Sanches is also a great passer, and that’s just what the team needs. Based on their current game style, Liverpool is obviously showing poor passing performance.

Sanches might be the one to break that curse if he ever manages to make it to the team’s roster. Though he’s still got a lot of things to improve on, Jurgen Klopp is pretty cool in hastening young talents to improve.

How the Transfer Hype Affects Liverpool’s Betting Odds

The fuss surrounding the possible transfer clause of Coutinho and Sanches sure has an effect on Liverpool’s betting odds. Why? It’s because the team’s roster is likely to change.

And it might be one of the reasons why it became the underdog in its game against Man City on Sept. 9. The City gets 5/6 odds while Liverpool gets 3/1 and +1.0 handicap. Note that this is despite the three-game winning streak of the Reds. However, pundits forecast that transfer clauses will be settled down by Sept. 13. This is why Liverpool regains the upper hand getting 8/11 and -1.0 contrary to Sevilla’s 7/2 and +1.0 handicap. If you want to place your bets on Liverpool, better look for sports betting platforms such as Betway sports which offers great wagering options along with live mobile betting.

Money Matters in the Possible Transfer Deal

Letting one of their most precious assets leave doesn’t come cheap. Reports have it that Liverpool wants £128 million upfront for the initial transfer deal, and another £20 million for other clauses like Coutinho winning the Ballon d’Or. This totals to a staggering £148 million.

So is Philippe Coutinho worth that gargantuan of a price? Well, we think so, considering that he’s made a goal for each of the three consecutive games he made in the Copa America Cup. He also has an extensive list of strengths – his long shots, key passes, through balls, and dribbling, are just some of the prowess he’s tucked under his sleeves.

And it seems like that’s just what Barcelona needs, knowing that they lack a solid cutter and dribbler who’s also into tackling. With this, it seems likely that Barcelona is going to give in to Liverpool’s requests.

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